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Terrace/roof gardens are a popular small space design trend for improving the aesthetics and functionality of a landscape. They can be implemented on top of houses and are an excellent way to add greenery and outdoor space to a home.

These gardens are especially beneficial for small homes or apartments with limited yard space. They can be used as an extension of the living space, providing a comfortable outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment.

In terms of design, terrace/roof gardens can be tailored to suit different styles and requirements, whether it’s for creating a cozy spot for dining or for growing a variety of plants and flowers.

Conclusion: Terrace/roof gardens are a great option for maximizing space and adding greenery to a home, especially when outdoor space is limited.


1. Can you have a terrace/roof garden in any home?

While terrace/roof gardens are a versatile option for many homes, it’s important to consider factors such as structural support and weight capacity before implementing one.

2. What are some popular plants for terrace/roof gardens?

Succulents, herbs, and small shrubs are popular choices for terrace/roof gardens, as they can thrive in a limited space and require minimal maintenance.



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