Thank you for attending the CipherTrust Transparent Encryption demo. During the demo, we showed you how our solution can protect your sensitive data with strong encryption and access controls, regardless of where it is stored. We demonstrated how easy it is to set up and manage policies, as well as how seamless the encryption process is for end users. We also highlighted the reporting and auditing capabilities that provide visibility into data access and usage.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a more in-depth demo, please feel free to reach out to our team.


Overall, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption provides a comprehensive solution for protecting sensitive data across various environments. Its ease of use and robust features make it a valuable asset for organizations looking to enhance their data security posture.


Q: Can CipherTrust Transparent Encryption be used in cloud environments?

A: Yes, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption is designed to work seamlessly in both on-premises and cloud-based environments, ensuring consistent data protection across platforms.

Q: Is it difficult to deploy and manage CipherTrust Transparent Encryption?

A: Not at all. Our solution is designed for easy deployment and management, with intuitive interfaces and comprehensive documentation to support administrators.

Q: What types of data can be encrypted with CipherTrust Transparent Encryption?

A: Virtually any type of data, including files, databases, and structured/unstructured data, can be encrypted and protected with CipherTrust Transparent Encryption.



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