How to adjust model view settings within the Elevation tool to change elevation representation. (Totally…

In part 25 of the ArchiCAD 21 House Project, the focus is on elevation view settings. The tutorial covers how to define different views, choose the display settings, and adjust the scale for elevation views in ArchiCAD 21. The steps are clearly explained with accompanying screenshots for easy understanding.


In conclusion, elevation view settings are an important aspect of architectural design in ArchiCAD 21. By understanding how to adjust the display settings and scale for elevation views, users can optimize their models for presentation and visualization purposes.


Q: Can elevation view settings be customized for different projects?

A: Yes, elevation view settings can be customized for each project to meet specific design requirements and preferences.

Q: Are there any limitations to adjusting the scale for elevation views?

A: The scale for elevation views can be adjusted to suit the needs of the project, but users should be mindful of maintaining accurate representations of the design.


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