• The insulation provided by the gas filled cavity between the two panels in our units, provide a controlling barrier for heat and sound which, is second to none. Super Sealed has the first fully automated, jumbo sized sealing line in the UK, enabling us to provide a super high quality, consistent finish. Critically important for frameless glass or toggle.
  • Double Glazed Units can be made to an infinite number of shapes, sizes and applications, used on building facades for insulated spaces. The technology creates an insulating panel trapping a gas, or air cavity, between two pieces of glass – these sheets of glass can be toughened or laminated depending on the application.
Sealed Units have become a highly technical product in recent years with the vast range of coatings improving insulation, solar control, noise reduction and even creating a self-cleaning glass; optimising appearance and reduce building heating costs.

Technical Specification
Technical Specification

  • Maximum Unit Size: 6000mm x 3210mm
  • Gas Fillings Available: Air, Argon or Krypton
  • Ug Values:
    Double Glazed – 1.0W/m2K – 1.4w/m2K (this is missing)
    Triple Glazed – 0.5W/m2K to 0.9 W/M2k


  • Glass Walls
  • Glass Partitions
  • Roof Glazing
  • Windows
  • Glass Box Extensions
  • Eco Glazing
  • Windows
  • Glass Doors

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