Designer Home • A Functional Korean Designer Home (Ayala Alabang House For Sale) Presselo 3D Tour: …

This content is about a modern and luxurious home for sale in Ayala Alabang, showcased in Presello House Tour 236. The home features sleek and elegant design, high-end finishes, and a spacious layout. The interior is designed with a minimalist and contemporary style, with carefully curated furniture and decor. The property also boasts of a beautiful outdoor space, perfect for entertaining and relaxation.


The ultra sleek home for sale in Ayala Alabang is a perfect example of modern luxury living. With its meticulous design and high-quality features, it offers a comfortable and stylish lifestyle for potential buyers.


1. What is the location of the property?

The property is located in Ayala Alabang, a prestigious and upscale community in the Philippines.

2. What are the key features of the home?

The home features sleek design, high-end finishes, spacious layout, and a beautiful outdoor space.

3. Is the property available for viewing?

Interested buyers can schedule a viewing through Presello to see the property in person.


  1. @jeromecempron1636 5 months ago

    I know this is 1 year old vid but medyu na annoy ako sa host😅. try watching Design Seed. They way they present the house so professional unlike PRESELLO na parang walang alam sa design kung ano2 lang pinag sasabi. please Tryy watching Design Seed. This is a critique Im not bashing.

  2. @replicacity92 5 months ago

    Koreans have style with everything lol.

  3. Very nice design.

  4. @jilliango15 5 months ago

    are those lamborghini urus and maserati levante parked right there. wow

  5. @TakasakiYuu12 5 months ago

    Hi sir, i can house Korea just give yup okay My Alessie po!

  6. @ayesha.faisal7802 5 months ago

    literally I am obsessed with this home tour …I want to say just wow ❤❤❤

  7. @noussommesmaries73 5 months ago


  8. @sydelestrebor1167 5 months ago

    Yooooo, I'm much more interested in that Lambo Urus

  9. @raix63 5 months ago

    You can't open the driver's door of the Urus.

  10. @louelcadangan7518 5 months ago


  11. @francisbersabal9520 5 months ago

    i love Julia and the camera shoots and the house…however, I wish they could add a background music to add spice of their vlog

  12. @frankiefernandez9225 5 months ago


  13. @rikkitraballo8336 5 months ago

    parang straight from render

  14. @robertodulio817 5 months ago

    Homes are too close to neighbors

  15. @jackieschoelerman5062 5 months ago

    Wow! Perfect place!

  16. @user-ob7gn9ky2o 5 months ago


  17. @dardarmissesv 5 months ago

    I love the floor plan but its too white

  18. @malayafilm7671 5 months ago

  19. @tintincalata9685 5 months ago

    Favorite ko parin tong house nato🥰😍

  20. @michaelolvido8779 5 months ago

    Superb Edit! Amazing House!

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