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In efootball 2022 Mobile, players can use the “Formation” feature to clear events. The Formation feature allows players to create and modify their team’s lineup, formation, and tactics. By utilizing this feature effectively, players can clear events with ease. Players should experiment with different formations and tactics to find the most effective strategy for each event.


The Formation feature in efootball 2022 Mobile is a valuable tool for clearing events. By experimenting with different formations and tactics, players can find the most effective strategy for success.


Q: How do I access the Formation feature?

A: The Formation feature can be accessed through the team management menu in efootball 2022 Mobile.

Q: Can I save multiple formations?

A: Yes, players can save multiple formations and switch between them as needed.

Q: Are there any formations that work best for certain events?

A: Different events may require different formations and tactics, so it’s important to experiment and find the best strategy for each event.


  1. @sfxalex9999 5 months ago

    What formation is good for possetion game manager Fernando santos

  2. @_.AviAvilash._ 5 months ago

    I cleared it with 4-4-2..
    Depends on how you play and whats the opponents formation cz I used 3-2-3-2 for one match too…

  3. @fazeosgx134 5 months ago

    Bro how do u not lag when playing online Pls give me advice?

  4. @ajoaugustin 5 months ago

    4-2-4 is the best formation

  5. @dinesh_zoro 5 months ago


  6. @fikri9331 5 months ago

    Quick qounter or posseion

  7. @qb5091 5 months ago

    4231 best

  8. @Santoozxefootball 5 months ago

    Galera quem puder me ajudar a chegar nos 100 inscritos, serei muito grato galera

  9. @zeeshanbhatti9 5 months ago

    Hi bro play with me friendly match eFOOTBALL

  10. @zeeshanbhatti9 5 months ago

    Play with me friendly

  11. @zeeshanbhatti9 5 months ago

    Hi bro

  12. @mr.peslawyer9056 5 months ago

    Gorgeous EDITING❤️❤️

  13. @taoufikenrico3327 5 months ago


  14. @El-shaddaisermons 5 months ago

    Ur edit is just top notch 🔥🔥🔥

  15. @kyriechisom3432 5 months ago

    Please name of jersey

  16. @emranmahdavi2951 5 months ago

    Good game

  17. @convict011 5 months ago

    Next level editing brother.❤️❤️

  18. @hatemmhmaoeud9819 5 months ago

    ممكن ترد عليا

  19. @officialfunnyisek_tv 5 months ago

    What app for video editing

  20. @officialfunnyisek_tv 5 months ago

    What thumanails app bro?🥲❤️

  21. @fatoukasse2550 5 months ago

    Pes 2021

  22. @mvpkerem2788 5 months ago

    Efsane Olmuş knk son paylaştığım videoya bekliyorum 🎉

  23. @theprofessor8096 5 months ago

    Only 3-2-2-3 is real😂

  24. @catsdotcom245 5 months ago

    Bro make video on how to play in high graphics without any lag in low end device

  25. @aryarai2415 5 months ago

    Sir what's the best formation for possession game ..Luis a Roman ?

  26. @sweetykalra4234 5 months ago

    I play with 4-1-2-3

  27. @beckham1799 5 months ago

    The best dmf in efootball pliss

  28. @lizomakinana8578 5 months ago

    I will try it now it's been several attempts 😰😰

  29. @markodojcinoski4497 5 months ago

    4-1-3-2 is good formation with midfilder no winger and two terminators in atack: Dusan Vlahović standard card and Erling Halaand

  30. @willll655 5 months ago

    What's best formation for Quick counter 🥺

  31. @sauravaditya6477 5 months ago

    i have completed this event with my 4231 formation ..

  32. Nice game play pro 👍

  33. @rhythmjaat8911 5 months ago

    What you use for playing formation

  34. @majidzah4648 5 months ago

    2 CMF
    2 RMF LMF
    1 CF
    1 SS

  35. @MFCGamingyt 5 months ago

    Bro 🔥❤

  36. @mdgaffargaffar9114 5 months ago


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