Glass Link House / Inspired by Scott Edwards Architecture Real-Time Apartment Architecture Visualization on Unreal Engine…

Unreal Engine 5 showcases its capabilities with a cinematic video of Glass Link House, designed by Scott | Edwards Architecture. The video highlights the stunning visuals and realistic lighting and textures achievable with Unreal Engine 5.

The Glass Link House project demonstrates the architecture and design possibilities that Unreal Engine 5 offers. With its advanced rendering capabilities, the engine allows for the creation of immersive and lifelike environments.

In conclusion, Unreal Engine 5 delivers a compelling and immersive experience for architectural projects, as demonstrated by the Glass Link House video. Its cutting-edge technology provides the tools needed to bring designs to life in a realistic and impactful way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 is a high-end gaming and real-time visualization engine developed by Epic Games, known for its advanced rendering capabilities and realistic graphics.

2. How does Unreal Engine 5 benefit architectural projects?

Unreal Engine 5 offers advanced rendering and lighting capabilities that allow for the creation of realistic and immersive architectural visualizations, making it a valuable tool for design and presentation.

3. What is the significance of the Glass Link House video?

The Glass Link House video showcases the impressive visual quality and realism achievable with Unreal Engine 5, demonstrating its potential for architectural visualization and design.


  1. @mahbodamin5139 5 months ago

    Great job. Very high-realistic at the exterior scene

  2. Beautifull house design,like ,thank you very much

  3. @smartxviz 5 months ago


  4. @Dave-nz5jf 5 months ago

    This is insanely cool. the idea that you could prototype an architecturally advanced home in a game engine like unreal is such an interesting junction. Add in the elements of generative ai and 3d printing next, and I wonder just how disrupted the architecture landscape will be become.

  5. @stepanovalex6198 5 months ago

    Подскажите делали ли вы композинг рендера? Есть некоторые глюки рендера на фронтальных панелях (мигание), свечение дивана, при быстром движении камеры нет плавности картинки. Но это несовершенство движка. От меня лайк и благодарность за проделаную работу👍

  6. @apolomairink7638 5 months ago

    bonita de mais

  7. @catmouse9030 5 months ago

    Some day i will build this somewhere in phil

  8. @meh-hair-Vaughn 5 months ago

    Beautiful! Looks hyper-realistic and architecturally very well designed at the same time. Cheers!

  9. @jimdavid7710 5 months ago

    The music is distracting house is lovely

  10. @predator349 5 months ago

    Есть гайд как убать рывки камеры

  11. @AlM0781 5 months ago

    Шикарно, просто шикарно!

  12. @broslyons8045 5 months ago

    yes- that was good

  13. @koreanature 5 months ago

    My best friend, Wonderful video dear. I enjoyed watching. Hope to see you soon…

  14. @3darchstuffs 5 months ago

    at 2:13 the shot looks stunning. Well done.

  15. @linegang09 5 months ago

    기본적인 정보 조차 올리지 않는 멍청한 소개는 반드시 퇴출 되어야 한다

  16. @wonmunhae 5 months ago

    great video. can i know the music you are using?

  17. @glenn3646 5 months ago

    Very beautiful, lumen right?

  18. @gilvraywilliams7231 5 months ago


  19. @SuperMassman 5 months ago

    With EVERYTHING open to the environment,, cleaning it must be VERY, VERY exspencive. Tree pollen, dust, mold spores, bugs, birds, wild animals etc.. nothing about this home is remotely practical

  20. @putusudiartha9991 5 months ago


  21. @Emi_Shot 5 months ago

    Очень круто! позвольте узнать о ваших настройках рендера, качество картинки впечатляет!

  22. @user-sr4zp4le3g 5 months ago

    Sweet home base ini biasanya memakan waktu yang tepat😊

  23. @mazewhite8687 5 months ago

    Voilà un style de maison magnifique, personnellement je remplacerais l'acier par du bois pour avoir un combo verre-pierre-bois, mais l'architecture est top.

  24. @cristeanhightower2635 5 months ago

    Innovative and elegant designs

  25. @trustlanka1889 5 months ago

    Great rendering bro, this is very near to actual

  26. @Lara-mo5oy 5 months ago

    Any sufficiently advanced game is indistinguishable from reality.

  27. @antonioramoslopez3391 5 months ago

    impresionante trabajo, una delicia para los que amamos el diseño y la arquitectura. Mi más sincera enhorabuena.

  28. 5 months ago

    Was impressive

  29. @flaxoff8893 5 months ago

    besides the fireplace everything looked insane!

  30. @qwelton 5 months ago

    Wow, those graphics are unreal!

  31. @andregomessoares 5 months ago

    Path tracing? The translucent curtain appears on window and floor reflections

  32. @fevzikaya2074 5 months ago

    harika …benim için hayal

  33. @vijikumar2088 5 months ago

    Wow what a beautiful cozy comfortable elegant house to come back home to privacy. Thanks for touring this

  34. @toporacl9732 5 months ago

    wow nice lighting, and i it and love music too, can you share the link to buy it?

  35. @VaLteR1313 5 months ago

    Рус, привет!
    Обалденный дизайн и архитектура, я бы в таком сарайчике с удовольствием бы поселился!
    Красиво сделал!

  36. @andreyrudnev2103 5 months ago

    Отлично! Будет доступен более полный обзор дома с разными ракурсами? Или это просто демонстрация Ваших возможностей?

  37. @rqrod2 5 months ago

    Amazing Work!!! which GPU did you use for this build?

  38. @Metralon 5 months ago

    I have been designing furniture in Sketchup, and it doesn't look real. What you accomplished in this video is incredible. How can I get my furniture to look as real as what you did? What would you recommend? I saw you mentioned the software that you used in the description. Do I design / redraw my furniture in 3DS Max, then port it into Unreal Engine 5? How would you go about it? My background is mainly technical drawings in Sketchup and Autocad; I am used to inputting exact measurements, and angles, etc. Cheers and well done!

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