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Ultimate 100% Blackout Blind

Suction Cups For Portable Use

Fits Any Window Size & Shape

30 Second Put Up & Take Down

Stick On, Temporary for Bedroom, Travel


The Ultimate 100% Blackout Blind is a must-have for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to block out light. With its suction cups, it can be easily attached to any window, regardless of its size or shape. The blind provides complete darkness, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep or create the perfect environment for relaxation or work. Its quick setup and takedown time of just 30 seconds make it suitable for both home use and travel.


  • 100% blackout effect
  • Suction cups for easy attachment
  • Fits any window size and shape
  • Quick and easy setup in 30 seconds
  • Temporary and portable design


  • Efficiently blocks out light, ensuring complete darkness
  • Easy to install and remove with suction cups
  • Adapts to any window size or shape, providing versatility
  • Quick setup and takedown saves time and effort
  • Portable design makes it suitable for travel


  • May not adhere well to windows with rough surfaces
  • Requires a smooth and clean window for optimal performance


The Ultimate 100% Blackout Blind offers an excellent solution for those who seek complete darkness in their bedrooms or while traveling. With its versatile design, it can be easily installed and removed on any window size or shape. The temporary and portable nature of this blind makes it perfect for frequent travelers. However, it’s worth noting that rough surfaces may affect its adherence. Overall, this is a highly recommended product for anyone who values a good night’s sleep and needs a reliable blackout blind.


Q: Can the blind be cut to fit smaller windows?

A: Yes, the blind can be easily cut to fit smaller windows. Just make sure to measure and cut it carefully for the desired size.

Q: Is this blind suitable for use in RVs or campers?

A: Absolutely! The Ultimate 100% Blackout Blind is a great choice for RVs or campers as it can be easily attached to any window, providing superior light blocking capabilities.

Q: How do I clean the blind?

A: Cleaning the blind is simple. Just detach it from the window and wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge. Allow it to dry before reattaching.

Product description

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blinds with suction cups

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blinds with suction cups

EFFECTIVE LIGHT BLOCKING: The portable blackout blind is designed to block all sunlight and UV rays, ensuring total darkness in your room. It is ideal for good sleep and maintaining privacy. It is a practical solution for creating a dark environment anytime.

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blinds with suction cups

Temperature Control: Blackout blinds have a silver backing that reflects heat to help keep rooms cool in summer. In winter, it helps retain warmth, making the room cozy. In addition to blocking light, these blinds contribute to a comfortable room temperature throughout the year.

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blind with suction cup

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blinds with suction cups

Lightweight and Easy to Install: This blackout blind comes with 12 suction cups and 12 adhesive loop tabs for lightweight and easy installation. It is versatile and can be cut to fit any window size. The fine-line grid pattern on the blind helps cut straight lines, and the included carry bag makes it convenient to transport.

SECURE ATTACHMENT: With the included 12 suction cups and 16 pairs of hook and loop pads, you can securely attach the blind to the glass window. This ensures that the blind stays in place and prevents light from entering around the edges.

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blind with suction cup

Blackout blinds with suction cupsBlackout blinds with suction cups

WORKS WITH DIFFERENT WINDOWS: Dual-color blackout blinds are large enough to be used on a variety of window sizes or shapes. Whether you’re at home, in the office or traveling, this blackout blind is a reliable solution to keeping your space dark.

12 Strong Suction Cups and 12 Pairing Adhesive Loop Tabs: The kit includes 12 pairs of suction cups and adhesive loop tabs that fit several windows and ensure the blind stays on.
Works with any window: The blind can work with any window with glass panels, making it suitable for use at home, in the office or while traveling. 7. Big enough for several windows: The blind’s extra-large size makes it versatile and enables it to fit any size or shape window, making it an ideal solution for several windows in a home, office or on the go.
Two ways to place blackout blinds: The blind can be attached to the glass window using suction cups, or hook and loop tabs can be used to ensure no light enters the room from the edges.
KEEP ROOM COOL IN SUMMER AND WARM IN WINTER: Dual-color blackout blinds help maintain a stable room temperature by keeping heat low in summer and warmth in winter.


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