Richard goes inside the pub at Tottenham Stadium. There, he brews beer and learns that about 23k pints are produced…


Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is home to its own brewery that produces 23,000 pints of beer per match. The stadium’s brewery, called The Beavertown Tottenham Taproom, allows fans to enjoy a variety of craft beers while watching the match. The brewery has a capacity of 10,000 pints per hour, ensuring that there is plenty of beer available for fans during games.



The integration of a brewery at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium provides fans with a unique and enjoyable experience, allowing them to savor craft beers while supporting their team. The stadium’s ability to produce a large quantity of beer ensures that fans are well served during matches.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many pints of beer does the brewery produce per match?

    The brewery at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium produces 23,000 pints of beer per match.

  • What is the capacity of the stadium’s brewery?

    The brewery has a capacity of 10,000 pints per hour.

  • Can fans enjoy craft beers at the stadium?

    Yes, the stadium’s brewery, The Beavertown Tottenham Taproom, offers a variety of craft beers for fans to enjoy during matches.


  1. @jokerfacedd5373 5 months ago

    But looks like toilet seat from above 😂😂

  2. @blantant 5 months ago

    Super impressed by that giant bar filling pints backwards

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  4. @sparky4878 5 months ago

    He may be saying “soccer” but at least he’s pouring British pints, a good 20% bigger than a weak American pint.

  5. @Vodaph0ne 5 months ago

    471 Lavatories? Ironically that's woefully too few as you'd be better of with tens of thousands of toilets lol

  6. @matijaradolic3009 5 months ago

    if they make beer like they play football then they can keep it lol

  7. @antonydandrea 5 months ago

    They still take forever to serve you at half time

  8. @dldeanlong77 5 months ago

    I've made beer and I can tell you it's mostly water.

  9. @mytownbrewery3240 5 months ago

    love this, wish our brewery was in this stadium

  10. @mandyg.3004 5 months ago

    Thats how they pay Kanes wages

  11. Me being a spurs fan it made me proud about this

  12. As a Spurs fan, I want to go to our stadium in the future!!! Love to see that big brewery.

  13. @mattegglenton9176 5 months ago


  14. @blenderboy1900 5 months ago

    3:08 Ty from AFTV be like

  15. @s1dew1nd3r4 5 months ago

    I wonder if they recycle those magnetic discs?

  16. @notdn 5 months ago

    Just… amazing. One of the very top multitask sport centers in the world.
    But, honestly, it will be heavily outclassed by new Bernabéu. Ours and every single one all around the world to be more accurate xD
    A whole different level right there from Real Madrid. Not a surprise coming from the greatest sportsclub of all time… RESPECT!

  17. @Excalibur_LP 5 months ago

    Toilet seat stadium

  18. @ashtonharker8501 5 months ago

    He said soccer🤦🏼

  19. @ozkan38 5 months ago

    where's the trophy room?

  20. @jaguar45ish 5 months ago

    No trophy cabinet tour??? Ok

  21. @stud105 5 months ago

    That stadium is immense.

  22. @Thanetian577 5 months ago

    Hammond is such a bell end

  23. @hugotjia5596 5 months ago

    Tottenham is the best💙🤍

  24. @AutoWorldzz 5 months ago

    Nice and Creative Videos, This is really my favourite channel.:).
    I really glad to see your post and your world was so brilliant.I decided to share them with my friends. Hope to bring happiness and healing to Everyone 🌴🌴🌴
    excellent and Much appreciated!!🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴
    Tottenham Parkette

  25. @91vanced14 5 months ago

    Lazy system 👍

  26. @Quonzer 5 months ago

    What do you think of Tottenham?

  27. @moneyman64 5 months ago

    tottenham wins fans by beer not trophies.

  28. @RoHuMemes 5 months ago

    Toured the stadium and it’s incredible. Coming from a gooner

  29. @andersson5075 5 months ago

    Algun angel que me explique el mecanismo del vaso en español?

  30. @erickherrera7008 5 months ago

    Sarah sabés algo estadios bebiendo cervezas en 🇬🇧

  31. @carterwelland8973 5 months ago

    Hopefully she’s not lost her job

  32. @robgraham1204 5 months ago

    Arsenal have trophy cabinet you spurs mugs can keep your fucking brewery COYG

  33. @TeoOktoberfest 5 months ago

    Beer 🍻🍻🍻Munich HB 🍻🍻

  34. @smadagoeskrazy3483 5 months ago

    oi she's drinking on the job 😂

  35. @bryananofa7165 5 months ago

    Hammond looks like al pacino

  36. @lifeistough4159 5 months ago

    Im not a drinker, soft drinks mostly, but when i went to a home game at our new wonderful stadium i just had to have a beer from the goal line bar and c the beer going up from the bottom. As the late gr8 Paul Daniels used to say “ Thats Msgic” 😂😀👍

  37. @rembautimes8808 5 months ago

    Unfortunately it’s empty now. So sad

  38. @Sassanach 5 months ago

    Anfield has had the bottom filling pints for years

  39. @okochannel3843 5 months ago

    I'm an Arsenal fan (outside of UK so probably I dont give a fuck that much about who to hate) and I must admit this is probably the best stadium right now, it looks just impressive

  40. @oscarmedek7744 5 months ago

    Dunno about Discovery's maths… It doesn't take 45 seconds to pour a normal pint??

  41. @stumbling_into_comedy 5 months ago

    Disparaging comment about Tottenham's lack of silverware.

  42. @Happy_Shopper 5 months ago

    Beavertown beer is actually peng tho

  43. @liamsmith530 5 months ago

    Really smart modern impressive stadium would love to go spurs game one day being a Bham fan plp can stop hating spurs are a big club with world class players

  44. @chrisdooley6468 5 months ago

    Ok that’s really impressive lol. That’s a lot of beer

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