What are the downsides of living in a glass house in the Philippines? Is it hot? How do you get around it? After more than 2 years…

In the Philippines, the trend of building glass houses is becoming popular, but there are some challenges and problems associated with it. The hot and humid climate of the Philippines makes it difficult to maintain a glass house, as it can easily become too hot inside. The cost of maintaining a glass house with air conditioning can be high, and the fragile nature of glass makes it vulnerable to damage from typhoons and earthquakes. Additionally, privacy can be a concern in a glass house, as it allows for little to no privacy from the outside.


While glass houses may offer a modern and stylish appearance, they may not be the most practical or sustainable option in the Philippines due to the climate, maintenance costs, and privacy concerns. Consideration should be given to alternative building materials and designs that are better suited for the local environment.


1. Are there any advantages to building a glass house in the Philippines?

While glass houses can offer a modern and stylish appearance, they may provide ample natural light and panoramic views of the surroundings.

2. Can a glass house withstand typhoons and earthquakes in the Philippines?

Glass houses are vulnerable to damage from strong winds and earthquakes, making them less suitable for the Philippines’ climate and geological conditions.


  1. @arcline7910 5 months ago

    HiEngr Slater, pedi po ba makahingi ng supplier for oversized sliding door, if you don't mind. TIA

  2. @robertl2227 5 months ago

    Totally agree with the girl. Natural light is key. Most homes in the US are very dark and no thought to solar gain.

  3. @daisukedy 5 months ago


  4. @nicklanger9600 5 months ago


  5. @sylviamendoza2097 5 months ago

    I live in florida where we have hurricanes..during the renovation,I remember that I was not allowed to have big overhangs due to hurricane issues. With strong hurricane winds, the expansive overhangs will contribute to the possibility of the roof being blown off easily from the rest of the house. This is something to make note of in hurricane prone areas!

  6. @cherylliz99 5 months ago

    I love your house, but any glass breakages? You two are adorable…..thank you for sharing. Don’t forget to tell us about your next project.

  7. @jeretso 5 months ago

    Overhangs look weak against typhoon winds. I would round out the edges of the overhangs like an umbrella and use lattice designs to avoid the wind.
    For me I would splurge on glass on the north side of my house. Lucky you dont have earthquakes too with all that glass. Do you have an interior safe room just in case?

  8. @Kenny-bj2zq 5 months ago

    Live in Texas definitely have to have double pane windows they are expensive but they make a huge difference with AC bill and outside noise..

  9. @arnadoeric7905 5 months ago


  10. @mariovh 5 months ago

    Too much glass is ridiculous in the Philippines
    They let the sun in so ur house is constantly heating up…very bad idea

  11. @jennycruz4771 5 months ago

    Sir.ok lang po ba mg high ceiling full glass sa south west side part po ng bahay?thank you😊

  12. I love the chemistry..was glued to the whole video.. stumbled on this video as i was looking for ideas on a glass cabin house. This is very informative and entertaining..thanks ❤

  13. @shikhakedia146 5 months ago

    Hi slater, how long is the cantilever roof outside the living area?

  14. @dawienatral7083 5 months ago

    How thick is the Glass for flying debri in a typhoon

  15. Hahahahaha "PATAKA" manka Boss! hahahahaha

  16. @rosevite2000 5 months ago

    Do you think this type of glass house can stand a category 5 typhoon? I really like a glass house din but I am so worried na it can't stand a strong typhoon. Baka mabasag ung mga glass 😛

  17. @craiggenereux 5 months ago

    Glass block maybe can help with heat.

  18. @Slovac100 5 months ago

    At first look swimming pool close to 2 walls is a really bad idea. considering mold due to humidity and lack of air flow. Thank you for tips. I am about to start construction in Costa Rica. Now I see why my wife is wrong about glass home.

  19. @fairworld2522 5 months ago

    She looks exactly like my maid

  20. @stewartmcintosh1073 5 months ago

    Triple glazing no not double glazing that is a thing of the past

  21. @venmadalogdog 5 months ago

    Saang bansa po ito?

  22. @trucksandtravel3787 5 months ago

    Bisaya diay c mam?

  23. @TheEagleKnight100 5 months ago

    The problem is they didn’t use insulated low e glass. 1” insulated tempered glass solarban 70 low e, not problem

  24. @christianm6403 5 months ago

    How would it cost to build a house like this ?

  25. @Crispin1208 5 months ago

    just a question. Since the Philippines is 'bombarded' with at least 2 typhoons a year, how durable are those glasses to withstand such destructive phenomena?

  26. @novachrono2236 5 months ago

    Nobody mentioned you age faster due to UV exposure in glass houses.

  27. @user-ye5wq7oh2h 5 months ago

    Main problem of living in a glass house: The ghost watching you at night 👁️👄👁️

  28. @migiakakaroumpas7399 5 months ago

    Are you have advertised with own house

  29. @IssaSia 5 months ago

    hehehe….engineer ka pero hindi mo alam disadvantage ng glass house
    sa Pinas?? Nasa huli ang pag sisisi ika nga! hahaha I love having glass
    sliding doors in some parts of my house! But not to having glass from
    floor up to the surrounding ceiling of the house! OA na ata yun!!
    Considering your house seems to be located in an open field! Itsurang
    nag ssun bathing ka sa loob ng house mo hahaha!!

  30. @fishstick779 5 months ago

    Glass House suitable in Bagyo City

  31. @pinoynews2682 5 months ago

    Sir Slater ang ganda po ng flooring nyo sa loob, natural wood po ba sya or tiles or vynil

  32. @pianowithmantot8521 5 months ago

    "no uy, pataka man ka". HAHAHAH

  33. @humphreyneil3731 5 months ago

    Starshield glass coating?

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