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Product Review: The Army Painter Speedpaint Gravelord Grey 2.0, Single Model Building Acrylic Paint, 18 ml


The Army Painter Speedpaint Gravelord Grey 2.0 is a single model building acrylic paint specifically designed for fantasy tabletop miniatures like Warhammer 40k figures and DnD miniatures. This paint offers convenience with its single layer paint solution, allowing for quick and efficient painting.


I recently had the chance to try out The Army Painter Speedpaint Gravelord Grey 2.0 and I must say, I am impressed. The color is a perfect shade of grey, ideal for creating a stone-like appearance on miniatures. The paint consistency is smooth and easy to work with, providing excellent coverage with just one layer. I found that the 18 ml bottle size is perfect for multiple painting sessions and will last for a good amount of time.

One of the standout features of this paint is its quick drying time. I was able to paint multiple miniatures in one sitting without any issues of smudging or running. The fast drying time also allowed me to layer additional colors and details on top without any problems. The result was a beautifully finished miniature with vibrant colors and intricate details.


If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient paint for your fantasy tabletop miniatures, The Army Painter Speedpaint Gravelord Grey 2.0 is definitely worth considering. Its single layer paint solution saves time and effort while providing excellent coverage and quick drying time. The color and consistency of this paint make it a great option for creating realistic stone effects on your miniatures. Overall, I highly recommend this product.


1. Is the paint suitable for both Warhammer 40k figures and DnD miniatures?

Yes, The Army Painter Speedpaint Gravelord Grey 2.0 is specifically designed for use on both types of miniatures.

2. How long does it take for the paint to dry?

The paint dries quickly, usually within a few minutes, allowing for efficient painting sessions.

3. Can the paint be layered with other colors?

Absolutely! The fast drying time of the paint makes it easy to layer additional colors and details on top without smudging or running.

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Dry Time – Flexible and Strong: Speedpaint is designed for painters who want to quickly paint Warhammer 40k Starter Set minis. However, due to its intense pigmentation, Speedpaint is bland on first application. Like a wash cycle, this means that a painter has time to mix colors, make sure the acrylic paint lasts and doesn’t smudge, and fix mistakes quickly.
Speedpaint is the ultimate one-layer painting solution: All-in-one Speedpaint is a true one-layer painting solution that provides rich shades, vibrant saturation and a simple highlight at the same time. Apply a layer of speedpaint directly onto a primed miniature and you’re done!
Versatile and functional: You can use speedpaints with an airbrush, thin them to create glazes or mix them to create your own acrylic ink wash. They are highly pigmented and have a high surface tension when dry, so we do not recommend using them on a wet palette.
Built with feedback from the hobbyist community – The next generation acrylic paint set for Speedpaint has been expanded and now includes 90 of the most desired colors, developed and selected with feedback from our customers. To meet the needs of painters everywhere, the expanded palette is supplemented with more colors, industry-first single-component metallics, and a new formulation for speed and performance.


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