Scientology is the only tax-exempt “religion” that has an entire section dedicated to scaring and destroying ex…

Content Summary:

Scientology has been known to employ intimidation tactics to silence critics and ex-members. These tactics include harassment, stalking, and legal threats. Individuals who speak out against the organization often find themselves targeted and harassed in various ways.


It is clear that Scientology resorts to intimidation tactics in order to suppress dissent and criticism. These tactics create a chilling effect that discourages individuals from speaking out against the organization.


1. Are intimidation tactics legal?

Intimidation tactics such as harassment and stalking are illegal in many jurisdictions. However, Scientology has been accused of using these tactics to silence its critics.

2. What can be done to protect individuals from intimidation tactics?

Individuals who are victims of intimidation tactics can seek legal assistance and support from organizations that advocate for freedom of speech and human rights.

3. Is Scientology the only organization that uses intimidation tactics?

While Scientology has been the subject of scrutiny for its intimidation tactics, other organizations may also use similar tactics to suppress criticism and dissent.


  1. @lauraayzen-pj7jn 5 months ago

    And what type of organization behaves this way … cmon lets say it together…. A CULT !

  2. @candacesmith6058 5 months ago

    Whoa ! Just whoa. I am 150% behind Leah. It takes so much bravery to expose these life-sucking monsters. Get em girl!

  3. @myfistsbleed 5 months ago

    I seriously thought they were just going to drive around being paranoid thinking everyone was watching them. I was shocked when it turned out to be true. How scary. Props to them for being so vigilant and aware. Be safe!

  4. @ChinaLake100 5 months ago

    You could lose the people stalking you by using multiple identical vehicles sent in opposite directions, if you can afford it

  5. @glowingru 5 months ago

    I swear this cult is gonna mess with the wrong people some say and they will face these wrong people at their soboba compound if they keep their shot going on. They need to stop. If people wanna leave let them leave your imaginary cult. Every religion allows people to leave you should too.

  6. @RandomFandom1 5 months ago

    If they are following you, it's easy to predict their moves and have them followed. 😉 she doxed them as a warning to stay away or bad things will happen to them or their families.

  7. @RandomFandom1 5 months ago

    If she can dox you, then she has the money for gpod security.

  8. @izzafizza339 5 months ago

    F scientology that awful cult. Grr they can be my enemy hahaa i aint take no crap from no one especially this cult. I agree with leah 100000% expose scientology for what it is a sneaky cult

  9. @RobertRobinson-dy3rj 5 months ago

    L.Ron Hubbard had criminal convictions for theft

  10. @xScnxSoSPdeclared 5 months ago

    Good counter-investigating. Love your confront!

  11. @andreaevangelist7255 5 months ago

    Watching this makes my hands sweat. I applaud you for your restraint and class. Class- something that those yahoos need some of

  12. @mondo9.2.5 5 months ago

    Hope leah is okay stay strong

  13. @zappa-happy3271 5 months ago

    Wow! Literally Fair Play 2U Both with The Fair Gaming – Playing their game back & Winning!
    I Salute U!

  14. @bethechange4040 5 months ago


  15. @precognation 5 months ago

    A group of people who harass and intimidate and in some instances even kill citizens of the US is a domestic terrorist group. Why isn’t Scientology being treated as such?

  16. @zk6019 5 months ago

    I would just grab my camera and follow them all day. When its time for them to go home and they cant because I'm following them, they may even call the police on me because I am that petty.

  17. @jlynniepoo112 5 months ago

    I remember this episode. What a blessing Mike and Leah have been by exposing Scientology's crazy tactics against human beings just trying to live their lives. We're behind you, Leah. You got this. I'm a never in but the moment I heard about your lawsuit, I was ecstatic. This show and your podcast taught us so much. You guys are brave. You're beautiful, inside and out. Love, the entire world 💪❤️💪❤️💪❤️

  18. @NotCCP 5 months ago

    1:14 tracking you via your phone number

  19. @bradwilliams1691 5 months ago

    When $cientology finally fails I reckon that David McSavage will spend at least 10-15 years breaking big rocks into little rocks and learning (hopefully the hard way) that sometimes it's safer to leave the soap on the floor than it is to pick it up.

  20. @Bob-hb3qb 5 months ago

    Sexiest woman alive!!!!!!! WOW

  21. @timamarie5161 5 months ago


  22. @captiv8ing1 5 months ago

    Love this lady. Hope she wins her case!

  23. @emperorpalpatine783 5 months ago

    I'm so glad and pleased Leah got out of Scientology. To good a person to be involved i that bull

  24. @jaymilan215 5 months ago

    I’m concerned that if you keep exposing them they might try to kill u , 🙏🏽 for u ❤

  25. @bradleyfigert6387 5 months ago

    The subhuman creatures are doing the same thing to me. Is there anyone out there that can help me?

  26. @newworldastrology1102 5 months ago

    Watching the Watchers. Way to go.

  27. @cynthiawilliams737 5 months ago

    In the Scientology World under cover work is the name of the game they are an evil bunch for sure & don't like being exposed, but even before Leah spoke out we knew all about them!

  28. @psalm148.1 5 months ago

    Scientology is NOT the only organization using these tactics! Our former church here in the San Fernando Valley does as well!

  29. @YvonaLive4Love 5 months ago

    I remember this episode so so proud of you and Mike ❤God Bless you for all you do 🙏🏼🤗🫶🏼❤

  30. @OljaAn 5 months ago

    I wash myself from 14 years intensive brain wash tactics.

  31. @OljaAn 5 months ago

    I want 247 to talk about brain-wash.

  32. @OljaAn 5 months ago

    I have the answer: What is Brain-wash and how it works!

  33. @OljaAn 5 months ago

    I bankrupt Tom Cruise from HOME. He invenst everithing against me in the stock market.

  34. @OljaAn 5 months ago

    I have problem with buling made by scientology. Tom Cruise bully me. 🙂

  35. @roberthutter74 5 months ago

    It’s pretty much an unwritten rule amongst private investigators that we will not work for Scientologists, we will do counter surveillance if Scientology is involved, can’t stand these bastards

  36. @rtdmna 5 months ago

    What a team!
    This toxic cult needs to be shut down!

  37. @candyslife160 5 months ago

    I am proud of how much you have accomplished with speaking out out loud about the tactics that the Cult uses to harass people that have left them. I am also very proud of all Mike has done since leaving the COS and how he is doing the work while battling cancer too. ❤❤

  38. @aberamagold7509 5 months ago

    🫨 Leah said a bad word near the start of the video.

    🤔 me thinks, if pushed, she could let loose a Brooklynesque like tirade that would peel the paint off a wall AND make a dock-worker blush 😁

  39. @kellyreynolds6430 5 months ago

    These people are just creepy 😮

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