Who would win a 1v1 between Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Sherman?! The pair answers and dives to the last of the…


Richard Sherman recently defended Brock Purdy, revisited his infamous Crabtree rant, and corrected the narrative surrounding Lamar Jackson. He addressed the misconceptions and offered his perspective on these topics.


Richard Sherman’s recent comments have shed light on the misconceptions surrounding various football players and situations. His insights provide a valuable perspective for fans and players alike.


Q: What did Richard Sherman defend Brock Purdy against?
A: Sherman defended Purdy against criticisms of his performance in a recent game.

Q: What did Sherman correct about the narrative surrounding Lamar Jackson?
A: Sherman clarified misconceptions about Jackson’s playing style and abilities.


  1. @AllFactsPod 4 months ago

    How would you rank the remaining quarterbacks in the the NFL Postseason?

  2. @TheMoua07 4 months ago

    Nick Wright is funny lmfaooo

  3. @Ash-me 4 months ago

    I got my money on Sherman

  4. @FrederickHolmes-hz2hs 4 months ago

    Patrick Mahomes was a good student of this game l can tell that he has studied Fran Tarktennan film's..

  5. @FrederickHolmes-hz2hs 4 months ago

    Very good point Richard

  6. @matteblacksama 4 months ago

    Kkkkkeeeeyyyyy, undisputed should just be key, sherm , and playmaker. Get rid of skip

  7. @michaelwashington8305 4 months ago

    Aye Yooo, Dive into Josh Allen is crazy 😂😂😂😂

  8. @FrederickHolmes-hz2hs 4 months ago

    Yes and Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson all three

  9. @mathewalias8276 4 months ago

    Josh Allen has a real agent that gets him endorsements….. Lamar has his mother…. don't blame it on racism…. some of the biggest starts in America are Rappers and athletes

  10. @lifeofavet7057 4 months ago

    Much better show without skip in it saying stupid shii

  11. @lastchance8142 4 months ago

    I guess this was taped before Lamar got embarrassed by the Chiefs. So, now what? Is Lamar still the MVP? Why? He couldn't seal the deal, again.

  12. @MrSoulauctioneer 4 months ago

    I wonder if Richard's degree was communication or marketing. Dude is razor sharp.

  13. @nathanbabble1976 4 months ago

    Lamar Jackson ain’t Patrick Mahomes man, don’t even play

  14. @MrCarolinaRudeboi 4 months ago

    "Everybody went first in the draft" blah blah…im just going to say JaMarcus Russell. The SCOUTING in the nIFl is flawed; everyone can't go in the first, but if we looked beyond these archaic "measurables" we'd find more Sherman's and Purdys

  15. @TheBlindphleb 4 months ago

    I didn't like Sherman and it was for totally biased reasons. Now that his football career is done I can say I was wrong. Sherman was him for years in the 2010s. I'm not making that mistake again. Purdy is him. I've seen enough.

  16. @Deonteashe 4 months ago

    Stick to this I like this sherm and Keyshawn

  17. @kendrickgibson7732 4 months ago

    Mannn Crabtree was far from sorry…1 round top 10 pick…come on Sherm

  18. @layoquinonez6141 4 months ago

    Love the show. Keep it up Keyshawn

  19. @georgefifita1183 4 months ago

    I love this debate Keyshawn vs Richard Sherman……it was great

  20. @lennythecool6926 4 months ago

    Sing the same song with Lamar Jackson, Ryan Clark. Josh Allen performed a whole lot better than Lamar Jackson in the playoffs who you're always giving praise to.

  21. @jamesanagnos6123 4 months ago

    Burrow beat Mahomes to get to a superbowl Lamar did not lol

  22. @reginapeet6648 4 months ago

    I love this podcast episode because ya'll are hilarious. I wish I could play Madden to see if who would win between you two 😅😅.

  23. @jamesanagnos6123 4 months ago

    Sherman Burrow has gone to a super bowl Lamar has not , you asked for it i gave it to you

  24. @jamesanagnos6123 4 months ago

    wow you two are very racist and you cant even hide it if you try

  25. @vp3970 4 months ago

    Irrefutable yes, RS is not being snobbish after all he attended Stanford 🤙

  26. @kathymichael2323 4 months ago

    Why you waste so much time fretting about a WWE knock off? We know it is scripted. Players don't even wear pads anymore, because it isn't real anymore.

  27. @ammarstrutchen2359 4 months ago

    Yo Keyshawn did Wayne Cherbet take your Job in NY

  28. @philmedone 4 months ago

    Keys a whole idiot

  29. @FM-gv7sb 4 months ago

    Judging QBs on wins and losses made a heck of a lot more sense back in the day when it was the QUARTERBACK who called the plays and not the OC. Guys like Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw and many more called the plays.

  30. @MyBigMeech 4 months ago

    Sherm give me 🫳🏽 for some odd reason. 🥴. But good content fellas. Key do better homework brother.

  31. @charlesfaure1189 4 months ago

    Mahomes is great. He could walk away from the game after this season and still be all-time. With Allen, there's always one or two boneheaded throws or fumbles that cost the team a shot. With Lamar, he's great until he needs to be a great QUARTERBACK, until you NEED him to throw.

  32. @TonyStark-qk9sj 4 months ago

    I'm glad to see Key doing his own show..In my opinion..The color scheme is not hitting

  33. @passitto86 4 months ago

    I don't disagree what they say about Josh Allen but Lamar is not better. 5 years with only 2 playoff wins. The reason people critze Lamar is because he painfully predictable in big games. Defenses force him to throw outside the box and he can't do it. I believe he is the reason Baltimore is not in the superbowl. They had a complete team but a limited quarterback, ie Kordell Stewart.

  34. @travisvandroff6589 4 months ago

    Can't Blame A Lost On One Man 1 Quarter Back

  35. @dcanderson1 4 months ago

    I love how Sherm recognizes the butterfly effect and said the lions OR the niners since the outcome may have changed if buffalo won

  36. @philiptom2799 4 months ago

    It sounds like Keyshawn is trying to tell me that I should be dissatisfied that Brock Purdy is the SF QB

  37. @jackwoods9604 4 months ago

    Jpsh Allen Played MUCH MUCH Better vs The Chiefs Than Lamar and Better in The Playoffs Period

  38. @RodGRoy 4 months ago

    Lets be real…. Lamar is BLACK. Josh is WHITE. That's why the narrative is what it is

  39. @jasonfigueroa2694 4 months ago

    So by Keys logic Dan Marino was not great 😂😂😂😂😂just wow …

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