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Product Review: Pencil Shading Practise Book


This book is a wonderful resource for artists looking to improve their pencil shading skills. It contains a variety of greyscale drawings with outlines and graphite shade references, making it an excellent tool for both beginners and more advanced artists.


  • The book offers a wide range of drawings, covering various subjects such as landscapes, portraits, and still life.
  • The outlines provided help beginners understand the basic structure of each drawing, enabling them to focus on shading techniques.
  • Each drawing includes graphite shade references, providing guidance on achieving different levels of shading intensity.
  • The paper quality is excellent, allowing artists to blend and layer shades smoothly without any smudging.
  • The book’s size is just right, making it easy to carry around and practice pencil shading anywhere.


  • Some more advanced artists might find the selection of drawings a bit basic, as they are primarily aimed at beginners.
  • The book lacks step-by-step instructions, which could be helpful for those who require more guidance in their shading practice.


The Pencil Shading Practise Book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their pencil shading skills. With its variety of greyscale drawings, clear outlines, and graphite shade references, it offers a great foundation for beginners while still providing value for more experienced artists. Just bear in mind that the book does not provide step-by-step instructions, so it might be more suitable for those who already have some understanding of shading techniques.


Q: Can I use colored pencils instead of graphite pencils?

A: Yes, absolutely! While the book is primarily focused on graphite shading, you can experiment with colored pencils to add your own personal touch to the drawings.

Q: Is the book suitable for children?

A: Yes, the book can be used by both adults and children. However, adult supervision might be required for younger children to ensure they handle the graphite pencils safely.

Q: Are there any blank pages for practice?

A: Unfortunately, the book does not contain blank pages for practice. However, you can use the available drawings as a reference and try shading on separate practice sheets.

This book has a variety of futuristic grayscale drawings to help you practice your shading skills using a reference image to copy from. Although the book does not provide step-by-step instructions on how to shade, this method is enjoyable and will improve your drawing skills. Each drawing has two shading choices to choose from: 1) A simplified shaded version for beginners or first-time shaders. There is a fixed outline and a ‘graphite shading scale’ to help you compare your shading to the original render. 2) A more detailed shaded version for final shaders or for more advanced shaders. This version includes a very faint outline and a ‘graphite shading scale’ as a guide for comparing your final shading to the original render.

Publisher : ‎ CreateSpace independent publishing platform; 1st Edition (31 May 2014)
Language: English
Paperback : ‎ 88 pages
ISBN-10‏ : ‎ 1499722923
ISBN-13‏ : ‎ 978-1499722925
Dimensions : 21.59 x 0.51 x 27.94 cm


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