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Motorized Roller Shades Comparison: IKEA Fyrtur vs Zemismart Solar/Battery vs DIY!

IKEA Fyrtur

The IKEA Fyrtur motorized roller shades are easy to install and offer a wireless remote control. They come in various sizes and are compatible with IKEA’s smart home system. The battery life is decent, lasting for several months. However, they require a hub to connect with other smart devices, and the remote control has limited features. The shades are good value for money and provide a reliable solution for motorized shades.

Zemismart Solar/Battery

Zemismart offers both solar-powered and battery-powered motorized roller shades. They are available in different sizes and can be controlled through a smartphone app. The solar-powered option eliminates the need for batteries or wiring, making them eco-friendly. The battery-powered option lasts for several months on a single charge. However, the shades can be slightly noisy during operation, and the app may have some connectivity issues. Overall, Zemismart shades are a cost-effective DIY alternative.

DIY Motorized Roller Shades

A DIY motorized roller shade involves creating your own system using a roller shade kit and a motor. This option allows for customization and flexibility in terms of design and control. However, it requires more technical knowledge and effort for installation. The cost is relatively low compared to ready-made options, but the performance may vary depending on the components used.


If you are looking for an easy-to-install and reliable solution, IKEA Fyrtur motorized roller shades are a good choice. Zemismart offers a cost-effective alternative with their solar/battery-powered shades, despite some minor drawbacks. DIY motorized roller shades are a customizable option but require more technical skills. Consider your budget, ease of installation, and desired features before making a decision.


1. Do the motorized roller shades come with installation instructions?

Yes, both IKEA Fyrtur and Zemismart shades come with detailed installation instructions. For DIY shades, you need to follow the instructions provided with the roller shade kit and motor.

2. Can I control the shades through voice commands?

Unfortunately, neither the IKEA Fyrtur nor the Zemismart shades support voice control. However, you can connect them to a smart home system that offers voice control capabilities.

3. Can I cut the shades to fit my window size?

You can cut the IKEA Fyrtur shades to fit your window height, but not the width. Zemismart shades are not recommended for cutting, as it may affect their functionality.

4. Are the shades compatible with different smart home systems?

The IKEA Fyrtur shades are compatible with IKEA’s smart home system. Zemismart shades can be integrated with popular smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

5. How long does the battery of Zemismart shades last?

The battery of Zemismart shades lasts for several months on a single charge. The solar-powered option eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements.


  1. Ottar LM sr. 8 months ago

    Is it time for an update g of this video or is the market still much the same?

  2. Zoltán Kozma 8 months ago

    I did cut the fyrtur down the same way you did then It dawned on me… one can actually mount them in front of the window cutout and while that means it will stick out in front of the window cutout the shade itself will line itself against the wall and the draft won't be able to pull it outwards towards the open window.

  3. John Creedon 8 months ago

    Anyone have a suggestion for the best shade/roller/motor/remote combo buying it off the shelf. I would like it to link with Alexa. I would be installing eight in one master bedroom so a remote that can take eight. Also, the thicker and better insulating the shade the better as the sun is a killer here. mahalo!!!

  4. Anton Shalapuda 8 months ago

    Is it a good idea to make 1 blind covering 3 windows at the time? Will Zemismart will be strong enough?

  5. Michael Robb 8 months ago

    Hilariously Slow! I love it!

  6. Sabur Ghazi 8 months ago

    Hi I have five windows in my great room looking for motor for these that will work all windows works in a single tuft

  7. Bob Wareham 8 months ago

    So its back to my wife opening each morning and closing before bed, no wires, no cost, don't go wrong, I think all this smart home stuff is a pain in the a__, so it's a no from me.

  8. Highlander 8 months ago

    Hi, do you have the link to the Lowe's roller shade?

  9. I'm looking for a cheap direct wire option. My problem is I can't find a decent roller shade that lists what the roller tube diameter is. Has anyone bought the direct wire roller motor and got some decent shades that worked together?

  10. shelby namels 8 months ago

    "mains power" wth?? just call it an effing electrical outlet, like the rest of us.

  11. MrBuddylee7 8 months ago

    I cannot get this to work. I successfully flash the NodeMCU and get the initial setup screen but once I save I can ping the node 4 or 5 times and it just becomes unresponsive..even after a resetting.

  12. J R 8 months ago

    Hey Rob, Great video, I was just wondering if I can NodeMCU WIFI board can work with solar panel DIY 5V using LIPO controller. Would you making video related to that. I like the idea of Solar panel integrated with blinds controller. Thanks

  13. Giannis Kontos 8 months ago

    Good evening, is there any option to set static IP on NODE MCU? Every time my router is restarting it changing roller shades IP address and it’s very disappointing 😢

  14. euronymous85pl 8 months ago

    At this moment I have 32 ZigBee devices (in-wall relays/switches [Sonoff, LUMI], Xiaomi/Honeywheel smoke sensors, PIR sensors [eWeLink, LUMI], Xiaomi light sensors, water sensors [TZ3000], IKEA wall switch, Philips HUE Ensis) in my house for at least one year. The only problem I had was RBPI and SD card(s). After migration to Intel NUC – it's running stable for months without maintenance (apart from home assistance). ZigBee works perfectly in my case/infra :). Greets 🙂

  15. Yakoe Nicol 8 months ago

    can I use an external power supply for de driver an another for the nodemcu instead of a battery?

  16. Jamie Brown 8 months ago

    See I have 9 little windows like the ones showed the budget is small praying to find a option for blinds I need them to move

  17. Science in Engineering 8 months ago

    This might sound like a really obvius question. But can´t you just get a little bit bigger stepper to handle larger curtains, or move them fasteR?

  18. Steve R 8 months ago

    As the saying goes , I am to poor to buy cheap

  19. Hammad Shabbir 8 months ago

    check this video to get more information about Motorized Roller Blinds?

  20. Bárðarbunga, Iceland 8 months ago

    Hi, can you please provide your professional opinion on whether I should install two side-by-side equal width blinds, or one blind for a 82-inch wide kitchen window ?

  21. lumpyren 8 months ago

    Note the Ikea solution is not pricey. Go look up the price of Somfy shades. Ikea is dirt cheap compared to what most people have been having to pay for decades previous.

  22. dablet 8 months ago

    besides MQTT, is there another way to use your DIY with HomeAssistant?
    whenever HA core restart, HA has no idea where the roller shade's position is.

  23. FunStuffOnTheNet 8 months ago

    This is an awesome guide. I am just wondering if there is anything else worth considering that's been released in the past 2 years since the video was posted

  24. Maciej Fassa 8 months ago

    DIY the biggest problem for me is lack of app. They do make it more convenient. I suggest a budged brand like Dako or Ikea.

  25. Nate B 8 months ago

    They charge $49 for a 5 mile delivery bc they know how awful goingbto Ikea is

  26. Tristyn Russelo 8 months ago

    its really easy to swap the WR3 chip to a tasmota compatible ESP 07 chip

  27. Austin 8 months ago

    Many public libraries offer 3D printing now. This makes the DIY viable if you don't own a 3D printer.

  28. Francisco Burgos 8 months ago

    Can anyone sell me those 3D sprockets?

  29. Jack Mccourt 8 months ago

    Hey i build your exact set up and was wondering why i cannot access the web interface. It will not load and says it doesn’t exist. I must be doing something wrong but i got this far and would really appreciate any help. Thank you

  30. Pigumon 8 months ago

    I can’t believe there’s no better motors for the DIY setup. Especially 2 years later. How about it?

  31. Edward English 8 months ago

    When you say "go buy a 3d printer" can you recommend one that is suitable for such a DIY project like window shades? A printer that could be used at home or in the garden?

  32. Brian Løfqvist Jensen 8 months ago

    Why the hate on Zigbee, by far the most stable protocol i've experienced..

  33. Ryan 8 months ago

    How do your outdoor "DIY Motorized Roller Shades + Wireless MQTT Smart Home Integration" roller blinds that you did in 2018 compare with all these? Are those still going strong or have they puckered out? That stepper motor you used in that project doesn't seem to have the same cons that the cheap ones from this video do but when you didn't mention them at all in this comparison it makes me think they were ultimately a fail and that's why you wouldn't have compared them at all in this video. Did I miss the update on those? LOVE your videos and I can honestly say I wouldn't enjoy this space without you! Thanks!

  34. nicks 8 months ago

    Have you tried the Zemismart Mijia blind motor? I've get myself one but i'm not able to link it with the Mi home app.

  35. Jimmy Woody 8 months ago

    Hey Rob, Great Video (im a little late to the party, i know) Just a thought, there are no tutorials on how to add the ikea blind to HA via Z2M, ive seen so many people requesting help with this in forums with no clear cut answers. Perhaps a gap in the market!? 😉. I would make a video on it myself but i cant get it working either lol

  36. Abe Fouhy 8 months ago

    Way to go man, what a great no bs video!

  37. hur mur 8 months ago

    Strange that Ikea has that high delivery fees. It is the same in Sweden and where I live there are so many good options to have your goods delivered very fast (same day or next day) often without extra cost. So Ikea has to better this. It is of course not possible when they deliver heavier goods but for smaller it should be cheaper.

  38. Daniel Bass 8 months ago

    So there is no apple homekit option available??

  39. nick carnevalino 8 months ago

    the zemismart ones are almost $200 on amazon now

  40. Jet Addict 8 months ago

    The only thing i dislike about this video is the fact you assume i dont want to just connect all my devices to a local control box

  41. bob 8 months ago

    Why can I lift my car engine with 12vdc, yet all these mains-powered, curtain lifter motors blow a blood vessel lifting less than a cat?

  42. Quinten Ceelen 8 months ago

    I think the DIY solution can be upgraded with a beefier 12V motor

  43. zsqduke 8 months ago

    Does the Tuya wifi motor work with the new Tuya local integration?

  44. T H 8 months ago

    Great explanation. Please check out the one sold via Walmart. I'm still waiting for a $20 price item to come on the market.

  45. Bruno Thiago Ferreira 8 months ago

    Really cool, video!
    Here in Sweden there is a company that sell a semi DYI kit for that. It works great with a Qubino Z-wave flush shutter.

  46. Louis Carter Jr. 8 months ago

    $10 plus a $400 printer and computer with home assistant. Getting dizzy watching the tech mantra.

  47. Eloisa 8 months ago

    The DIY setup is perfect to slowly open at a scheduled time in the morning just like the sunlight simulation lamps

  48. Aaron Ganek 8 months ago

    Awesome stuff once again, Rob!

    I am updating my existing roller shades to make them smart. I'm deciding between an in-rod motor like the Zemismart here or chain-mechnism like the Soma 2.

    With an in-rod motor, do I need to sacrifice the current manual chain operation? Or can I keep using my existing manual chain as a fallback? I don't want to violate the first rule of smart homes: never remove functionality, only augment it.

  49. BlackB00X 8 months ago

    yeah , i think i am only cant make to work with echo, and this project is fail and is no support for this. Project only for marketing am view for youtube but not functionality. Thank you

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