Here is a small typical modular furniture factory. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. If you want modular…


The Modular Furniture Factory is a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality modular furniture for interior design projects.

Factory Walkthrough

Visitors to the factory will be given a guided tour of the production process, starting with the raw materials and ending with the finished products. The tour will showcase the various stages of production, including design, cutting, assembly, and quality control.

How It’s Made

The factory uses advanced machinery and equipment to ensure precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process. Skilled workers oversee each stage of production to maintain quality standards.


The Modular Furniture Factory is a testament to modern manufacturing techniques and the commitment to delivering exceptional products to the interior design industry. The factory’s dedication to quality and innovation sets it apart in the market.


1. Can visitors see the production process in action?
Yes, the guided tour allows visitors to witness the various stages of production.

2. Are the products customizable?
Yes, the factory offers customization options to meet the specific needs of clients.

3. Can customers visit the factory to place orders?
While the factory does not accept direct orders from customers, clients can contact the sales team to discuss their requirements.


  1. @aarifansari4608 5 months ago

    Plzzz bata do

  2. @aarifansari4608 5 months ago

    Pura address kya hai sair is factory ka

  3. Am an interior designer in Nigeria, we have these type of machines here in Nigeria.

  4. @ajayvashi6013 5 months ago

    Excellent Blog I like it

  5. What was the nam of the panel saw and whats the price

  6. @N2nishantnikhar 5 months ago

    Where is factory address and contact person to contact pankaj sir

  7. @Sudanman1 5 months ago

    Thanks for all info .. but where is painting , packing and delivery sections ?

  8. @nickydas8122 5 months ago

    Excellent video…I am looking for help on this. How to go about with Pankaj Sir?

  9. @mainuddin689 5 months ago

    I am Bangladesh
    May i get an appointment to visit factory.

  10. @mohdmaaz8857 5 months ago

    On & on & on prices are so high if u just ask him the rate of modular kitchen per square ft it will more than 3000 rs per sq ft

  11. Can i visit there and meet him??

  12. Pankaj sir ka no.???

  13. @ninad1201 5 months ago

    Which plyboard they are using, which company… are they giving choice to customers on type of plyboard used..?

  14. @travelempirestory 5 months ago

    What the name of machine for furniture making industry?

  15. @sheshan88 5 months ago

    You should have provided means to contact them by giving maps location rather than filling a form with my personal details….

  16. @muralikasini 5 months ago

    Carpenter screwed up my dream home and my brothers as well.

  17. contact number or address of factory or website, please share

  18. @mohammedfarooq1668 5 months ago

    Fuck him, finally who will install all these at sites "THE CARPENTER"

  19. @VHJ11 5 months ago

    where is factory … i want to make wardrobe in my house

  20. Can you please reply sir how much money did required for setup like this factory

  21. @abhishekmishra5610 5 months ago

    Where this company is located and it’s contact no or address or any website? Please share

  22. @Sharmawood 5 months ago

    😢 in this morden era people are looking for fancy things
    but never thik about a small carpenter today also we have many talented carpenter in India but every one choose ply for furniture today

  23. @balajimsgowda3152 5 months ago

    Hey guys if u have a guts u try to convince ur business with ur work don't compare carpenters work actually carpenters work is more effective than modular works similarly like a contry chiken and the boiler one

  24. @ramanaraoa9843 5 months ago

    Location please

  25. @ramanaraoa9843 5 months ago

    Can we chose material type?

  26. @DebuDhara-ti5vc 5 months ago

    Me fectory me kam Karna chahate hnu

  27. @user-jv5fp3rq9e 5 months ago

    What's price of three bhk apartment

  28. @jammiji_007 5 months ago

    He's right said i also did in 45 days finished

  29. @jammiji_007 5 months ago

    Can I get job in this factory? I have five years experience

  30. @NirajKr-cr8bx 5 months ago

    I want to work in your company will you hire me?

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