This is a simple clear of MFF Shadowlands, Floor 1 using Tier 1 characters. It doesn’t even have commentary. It is only for…

Just cleared MFF Shadowlands floor 1 (tier 1) with ease using my strongest characters. The enemies were no match for my team’s power, and I was able to clear the floor without any issues.


Overall, the first floor of MFF Shadowlands was a breeze to clear. With the right team and strategy, it is definitely possible to advance to higher tiers in the game.


Q: What characters did you use to clear the first floor?

A: I used my strongest characters, including [character names], to easily defeat the enemies.

Q: Any tips for clearing the first floor of MFF Shadowlands?

A: Make sure to level up and power up your characters before attempting to clear higher tiers. Also, focus on building a balanced and strong team to tackle the challenges ahead.



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