In this video I cover jungle cleaning techniques and tips so that you can get maximum clean and efficient cleaning!

Jungle Clearing Tactics (Learn To Effectively Clear)

When clearing the jungle in League of Legends, it’s important to have a plan and use effective tactics to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. Prioritizing objectives, tracking the enemy jungler, and understanding your champion’s strengths are all key factors in successful jungle clearing.

Choosing the right path and knowing when to invade, counter-jungle, or secure objectives are all important aspects of effective jungle clearing. Additionally, understanding the different jungle camps and how to effectively take them down will help you clear the jungle faster and healthier.


By utilizing the right tactics and strategies, you can become a more efficient and effective jungler. With practice and knowledge, you can improve your jungle clearing skills and have a greater impact on the game.


Q: What is the importance of jungle clearing?
A: Jungle clearing is important for maintaining experience and gold, controlling objectives, and applying pressure to the map.

Q: How can I improve my jungle clearing skills?
A: You can improve your skills by studying jungle pathing, understanding your champion’s strengths, and practicing efficient clearing techniques.


  1. @Dannyhunter1970 5 months ago

    Go son your the man xxxxxx

  2. @Dannyhunter1970 5 months ago

    I would love to see more videoes up as your a legend

  3. @Dannyhunter1970 5 months ago

    We want more videos as it's great to here your voice

  4. @LanguiYang 5 months ago

    I actually came to learn some tips to clear a literal jungle, like in real life.

  5. @boopthesnoot5974 5 months ago

    thank you this was so helpful for me I wish you a good time!

  6. @Denshun 5 months ago

    That vi example was so stupid u need to pull the raptors so u hit ecery raptor with your aoe. And it is so obvious cause 1 little raptor stays alive thats why u get the bad clear time.. dont fake information … and all of what u stated in the early part is wrong for kha zix simply e and w all then attack the big one 2 times and kite them thats the most effective way i dislike this videos for sure sry u only needed contwnt

  7. @boiniq 5 months ago

    i understand this is an old video now but about the aoe vs single target junglers can you give us more information about what counts as aoe and what as single target you used nice examples but what about junglers that are in the middle if you have some aoe but not alot what then?

  8. @maikvangestel6294 5 months ago

    I already do this

  9. @j.hellwig9124 5 months ago

    Sej shouldn't do scuttle? im not sure wether this is right

  10. @kevintaaffe6547 5 months ago

    What about ranged junglers like quinn/twitch/graves or burst junglers that can one shot the big chicken? (Quinn, Q>AA>E, done, only the small ones left) I mean. Their attacks are mostly single target bar 1 or 2 abilities…

  11. @karisrahl4444 5 months ago

    Sejuani takes scuttler in two seconds. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. @MsPatricos 5 months ago

    omg so many views and content is so poor

  13. @rorycavanagh4118 5 months ago

    Does kindred still apply for never switch targets?

  14. @igson1933 5 months ago

    thx only time i play jng is when autofilled this is helpful

  15. @rnr-vm2ft 5 months ago

    what language are you speaking?

  16. @CRAFTINGMINECRAFTING 5 months ago

    U can easy kill scuttle crab just stun it so its losing all armor and mr … wtf im watching silver jungle tips?

  17. @uuap8558 5 months ago

    I've been jungling with xin Zhao wrong

  18. @destroymaker1470 5 months ago

    An Master Yi Is A single target jungler right

  19. @shawn2447 5 months ago

    Shaco is good for getting skuttle first clear cause of his passive

  20. @strahinjabukvic4229 5 months ago

    Nice video. Subscribe to my chanel please if u can

  21. @FriendlyFireNA 5 months ago

    Nidalees who listen to your video are gonna die to farm by 3 minute mark.

  22. @koiOwO 5 months ago

    Oh wow nice tutorial

  23. @LordAlucar01 5 months ago

    amumu cleaning scuttle is good since ap tank amumu can easy clean and clean scuttle within 10 secs so its pretty good. unlike u prefer full tank which is different but ya i doubt anyone prefers full tank with 0 dmg unless its sup or top

  24. @mencemeat9996 5 months ago

    lol this isn't good at all

  25. @martinchernev 5 months ago

    Nice vid tnx <3

  26. @Allstar21ification 5 months ago

    I don't waste my mana to a skuttle crab wtf?

  27. @shadowkills6055 5 months ago


  28. @rettibajan 5 months ago

    When you play Vi, u smite bigbird.. wrong champ for the 2nd example

  29. @samgrey5692 5 months ago

    You do grass?

  30. @paulomartins5071 5 months ago

    Poppy is an excellent tank to take scuttle due to her efficient combo and high base stats combined with her stun.

    Great video.

  31. @glenngomez8984 5 months ago

    the skuttle is not that hard to kill if you have to apply cc to him first, correct me i l'm wrong.

  32. @miketsa3367 5 months ago

    Donโ€™t keep showing the same clip over and over while explaining the techniques. It got really annoying for me to watch the same clips 3 times each. just wanted to leave some feedback for you.

  33. @maelstrumyes3595 5 months ago

    but mah nasus stacks ;.;

  34. @leeroyjenkins7521 5 months ago

    but i playing ivern

  35. @johnthangminlun 5 months ago

    Who thought this was of DotA

  36. @chrislatam5423 5 months ago

    WW what tipe is it?

  37. @TheOriginalAspie 5 months ago

    Sion deals huge damage

  38. @algencoha6418 5 months ago

    thanks for the tips

  39. @rafaii4 5 months ago

    I'm subbing because you got rameses b in the video ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  40. @t3chn0dr0n3 5 months ago

    So, I checked the comments before I watched the video and I'm glad I did. Switching targets with red buff and hunter's talisman is not only viable, it's also recommended – the DoT heals you via hunter's talisman and you basically don't lose any health if you're playing a tank jungler. Also, you're maximizing your DPS by spreading the DoT to different targets. And yeah, tanks have CC, scuttler loses his defenses when hard-CCed, which basically makes it so tanks kill him easier than anything else. Bad video.

  41. @shawn2447 5 months ago

    Is akali a single target?

  42. @kanideliev3329 5 months ago

    bruh I don't know where you are from, but that's one terrible, horrible accent.. I absolutely hate it.. it sounds scottish or irish or something

  43. @radiantmuse23 5 months ago

    I can clear the jungle without using no health potions

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