Welcome to Super User Channel! This tutorial explains how to make glass curtain panels transparent in elevation view in Revit…

Improve Elevation Graphics in Revit by Making Glass Panels Transparent

To improve the elevation graphics in Revit, you can make the glass panels transparent. This will allow you to see the interior spaces and elements more clearly and create a more realistic representation of the building’s façade.

To make glass panels transparent in Revit, you can adjust the material properties of the glass. Simply select the glass panel, go to the material editor, and reduce the opacity or transparency settings. You can also adjust the color and reflectivity of the glass to achieve the desired look.


By making glass panels transparent in Revit, you can improve the elevation graphics of your building model and create a more realistic representation. This simple adjustment can greatly enhance the visual clarity and quality of your project’s elevations.


Q: Will making glass panels transparent affect the energy analysis of the building?
A: No, the transparency of the glass panels is purely for visual representation and will not affect the energy analysis results in Revit.

Q: Can I adjust the transparency of other materials in Revit?
A: Yes, you can adjust the transparency of other materials in Revit using the material editor to achieve the desired visual effects.


  1. NICE, thank you this habibi

  2. @towhidnasim8778 5 months ago

    Duplicating curtain panels doesn't really do the work.🙁
    Any solutions?

  3. @rililin 5 months ago

    En el caso de las Familias de Ventanas, como podria obtener el mismo resultado?

  4. Finally. This was exactly what I was looking for 🙂

  5. @mubashirmamupt7124 5 months ago

    Thanks a lot
    Jazakallah khiren

  6. @shazamshabir6788 5 months ago

    Hello. I have a question. In elevations when I try to change the transperancy of the curtain panels the panel totally looses the Shadows.

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