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How to clean blinds | Day 27/30 of my Spring Cleaning Spree

In this article, we will guide you on how to clean blinds effectively as part of your spring cleaning routine. Blinds can accumulate dust and dirt over time, making them look dull and affecting the overall cleanliness of your home. By following these simple steps, you can restore the shine and cleanliness of your blinds.

Materials needed:

  • Duster or microfiber cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment
  • Mild detergent or cleaning solution
  • Bucket or container
  • Soft sponge or cloth
  • Towel or drying cloth

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin by dusting the blinds using a duster or microfiber cloth. Start from the top and move downwards, making sure to cover each slat.
  2. For blinds with heavy dust accumulation, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the dirt more effectively.
  3. If your blinds are made of fabric, check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. In most cases, you can simply spot clean with a mild detergent solution and a soft sponge or cloth.
  4. For blinds made of plastic or metal, you can mix a small amount of mild detergent or cleaning solution in a bucket of warm water.
  5. Dip a soft sponge or cloth into the cleaning solution and wring out any excess liquid. Gently wipe each slat of the blinds, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom.
  6. For stubborn stains or grime, you may need to apply a bit more pressure or use a toothbrush to scrub the affected areas.
  7. Once you have finished cleaning the blinds, rinse the sponge or cloth and wipe away any remaining cleaning solution.
  8. Allow the blinds to air dry or use a towel or drying cloth to speed up the drying process.


Cleaning blinds is an essential part of spring cleaning, and by following these simple steps, you can achieve a sparkling clean and dust-free result. Regular cleaning and maintenance of blinds not only improve the appearance of your home but also contribute to a healthier living environment.


  • Q: How often should I clean my blinds?
  • A: It is recommended to clean blinds at least once every few months, depending on the level of dust and dirt accumulation.
  • Q: Can I clean wooden blinds using the same method?
  • A: Wooden blinds require special care. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional for guidance on cleaning and maintaining wooden blinds.
  • Q: Can I use vinegar as a cleaning solution?
  • A: Yes, a mixture of vinegar and water can be an effective cleaning solution for blinds. However, always test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it does not damage the blinds.


  1. Endiah 8 months ago

    Are you biracial?

  2. kickkss 8 months ago

    Do you have a video on how to clean those paper-like blinds? I think theyre called cellulose blinds. The house we bought has those, and the ones in the kitchen are greasy.

  3. Peachy. pink 8 months ago

    I love love this channel

  4. Raskal_Vtuber Ch 8 months ago

    I use plastic blind from nearly 3 decades ago and they are cemented in dust. As a result they have quite a few metallic and mechanical parts as well as them being in large excess of nearly 9 feet in length. I want to use the tub method but I’m worried about rust. Is there any other method I could try for cleaning?

  5. hien adsanaxay 8 months ago

    I really miss my mom but I want them for my family 😢😢😢😢😢

  6. Asma Khan 8 months ago

    I always end up bending those metal blinds, no matter what I do it just was clean properly without getting bent 😭 might have to try this next weekend

  7. Cole 8 months ago

    I had some blinds that were beyond scrubbing in a rental (roomate's room after he moved out–he smoked a ton of weed near them lol) I removed them, then I soaked them in sink with warm soapy water and ran it through the dishwasher. WAS BRAND NEW.

  8. kiwi girl 8 months ago

    Best way is to spray blinds with greased lightening. Let sit for 5 mins, then hit it with a steam cleaner. I’m fussy af, and it takes me 15 to do each blind.

  9. listen 8 months ago

    My slatted blinds are wood, so I can't soak them. It's infuriating!

  10. spacemama 8 months ago

    I’ve always wondered how can I clean blinders, and now I know! Will try as soon as I return to my house!

  11. Sarini Rangedera 8 months ago

    you are not sounding like a broken record 😊 ❤

  12. Latrise Wilson 8 months ago


  13. Thank you… I need to clean the blinds in my shop .. they was already here when I got the place and I desperately need to clean them

  14. Ms. Rich 8 months ago

    Exactly how I clean my blinds.

  15. Julie Bee 8 months ago

    That dollar tree brush is one of my favorites 😅

  16. jessica vega 8 months ago

    I sub 🌺🌺🌺

  17. JC2 8 months ago

    The hook that on the garage door, is that screwed in?

  18. Alec Kanai 8 months ago

    the BATHTUB is the best place to clean your blinds!!

  19. Cat On Fire 8 months ago

    my cats didn't want me to have blinds 🧍🏽‍♀️

  20. Ivy W 8 months ago

    You’re such a good person tysm 😭😭😭

  21. Dogo4544 8 months ago


  22. Dogo4544 8 months ago


  23. JerasikaPark 8 months ago

    Thats how i clean! Yesss! Dawn soap works wonders! & i use the gain one and it smells good & cleans amazingly

  24. E 8 months ago

    Omg I requested tips on wooden blinds! Thank you!

  25. Ezra Sleger 8 months ago

    About the Hoover pet vacuum (the stick one) does it need recharging?

  26. Kira Taylor 8 months ago

    Thank you so much!! This is so helpful!

  27. LBreezy 8 months ago

    I love your three cloth method it’s the best ❤ thank you for posting. You unlocked a memory for me: I was cleaning blinds like these in our first house and it wasn’t going well. I was struggling and breaking the blinds or they just weren’t coming clean. I was doing it for two days (I was not as cleaning experienced). My hubs came out and said “you know those blinds are just $10 each we can get new ones” I almost cried 😂❤

  28. 🌿Abby Lynn🌿 8 months ago

    Oh my gosh…. this gives memories. Back in the late 80s I spent 2 weeks cleaning blinds in several houses. One person saw me out cleaning the blinds and hired me. I didn't clean blinds for 6 months after that. It was lucrative thought.

  29. FF 8 months ago

    I needed this! I always use 1 microfibre and have to rewash over and over and it tends to leave a wet dog smell on the counters.

  30. Megan D. 8 months ago

    So I've always seen people talking about using dish soap without rinsing it off on a lot of things, I'm wondering, that doesn't cause any sticky residue? I use it on a lot of things (sooo great for showers) but I always rinse it. Also, I have a similar system to your three rag system! If the blinds are really bad, I'll vacuum it with the hose attachment, then a duster, cleaning solution, and dry rag to get any leftovers off. It works!

  31. Cooking with Jesus 8 months ago

    I really enjoy these videos. I like how they are short and concise. Thank you! Go God!

  32. Ruun Osman 8 months ago

    sadly a few hours ago i had the same binds as you and one of mine fell down from an unexpected thunderstorm also can you clean filled dusty shelves next time

  33. Ah man I don’t even have blinds to clean! 😮

  34. Hg 8 months ago

    Dear God glad to know im not the only one hanging her blinds outside to air dry .. i keep wondering what the neighbors thought about my tweaking cleaning looking like 🤣

  35. Kimberly Foulkrod 8 months ago

    I remember my grandmother putting her metal Venetian blind in the bathtub and cleaning them that way

  36. Linda Smith 8 months ago

    If you have to get grease or nicotine off blinds, TSP is cheap and highly effective too

  37. Suzana Josic 8 months ago

    I have this 3 clawed microfiber tool that I use on all our white wooden blinds 😇

  38. k davis 8 months ago

    I learn so much!

  39. I hate my vertical blinds so much… my kids get their greasy fingers on them and I can’t get the grease off no matter what I use ☹️

  40. Soph Diaz 8 months ago

    I needed this! I always feel like I’m going to break them while cleaning them, so I just don’t do it or do it poorly. 😢 I’ll try this out instead

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