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Charlie Pryor provides a guide on how to build in Prison Architect 2 as part of the Prison Architect Academy. He covers key aspects such as planning, zoning, and infrastructure. To build efficiently, he recommends starting with a solid plan, zoning different areas for specific purposes, and setting up necessary infrastructure such as power and water. He also emphasizes the importance of a well-designed layout and the use of helpful tools such as the clone tool and quick build menu to streamline the construction process.


Building in Prison Architect 2 can be a complex task, but following a solid plan and utilizing the right tools can make the process much easier and more efficient. With proper zoning and infrastructure, players can create a well-organized and functional prison.


1. Can I change the layout of my prison after it’s been built?

Yes, Prison Architect allows for the modification of your prison layout even after construction, so you can make changes as needed.

2. How do I ensure proper zoning for different areas?

Use the planning tool to designate specific zones for various purposes, such as cells, common areas, and security sections.

3. What are some common mistakes to avoid when building a prison?

Avoid overcrowding, inadequate infrastructure, and poor layout design, as these can lead to problems and inefficiencies within your prison.


  1. @kabhes9040 4 months ago

    Are prisoners on a second floor able to tunnel?

  2. @Evan-iy9he 4 months ago

    Looks amazing!

  3. @ELXR_AUDIO 4 months ago

    The most important thing here is not whether this game is amazing or not. It is that a larger studio decided to make a prison architect remake thereby solidifying it as a game type in the long future. Whether their release flops or not, this game is going to be remade and remade over the decades and I’m excited for that. I wonder how far they can take it, it’s such a fun simulator.

  4. @Enzo87XD 4 months ago

    please have it translated into Italian

  5. @JamMC 4 months ago

    Looks so much like the sims but I like it.

  6. @liambohn4692 4 months ago

    finally theres a clone button

  7. @liambohn4692 4 months ago

    What about connecting one Generator to the other generator? will it still Shutdown both generators like in prison architect 1 or will it act as a power upgrade?

  8. @Mokky12345 4 months ago

    Wow .. im hyped❤❤

  9. @Hoodperd 4 months ago

    saw this in my home page and i was like "woah, didn't think they would make a sequel."

  10. @chuckironsight3914 4 months ago

    dude this is great, i love PA1 and i know im gonna spend 100's of hours in this game…unless Rimworld does this too and i guess ill have to throw my pc away or never leave the house again

  11. @idnightoneyrains 4 months ago

    Health Posters for the Infirmary?

  12. @DovahKanye 4 months ago

    My only real concern with this successor is the realism, I don't have a problem with the cartoon look, the building tools look great, I always wanted multiple stories, I don't mind a switch to 3D even, as long as the adult themes are still there, gangs, drugs, violence, blood, deathrow etc. Supermax was fun too. Locking the extra dangerous prisoners behind armed guards and separate walls.

    After you built a prison it was always fun to try and keep things from becoming too chaotic, if those things are preserved, then this is on the way to being a very good successor to PA1.

  13. @Gabriel_Ferreira29 4 months ago

    Vai ter pra mobile?,

  14. @martyruth77 4 months ago

    oh man, I wanna get this! there's a game called My Prison on roblox that has the 3d building down to a T, and it's great, but it's a very surface level game that isn't fun once you get a steady build. this sounds really fun and interactive!

  15. @LGbearclaw 4 months ago

    Hopefully it doesn't end up like City Skylines 2….

  16. @Syrriil 4 months ago

    Thz you @charlieprior for the présentation !!!

  17. @williambishop4737 4 months ago

    Pls someone tell me why they chose this over making rimworld 2?

  18. @thewampire4640 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does this game look ugly?

  19. @sebastianm5486 4 months ago

    It looks really nice, but I don't think that it captures PA1's atmosphere. PA1 felt grimy, dark, bitter and dirty. They absolutely nailed it with the atmosphere in PA1. This instead looks like a kindergarten compared to that. Once again, good game, but different vibe.

  20. @user-yh5cv1vu9m 4 months ago

    I really love what you did with the multiple stories function. I love how it's realistic, and guards can still see the bottom floor. And it's so much more like those cool movie prisons.

  21. @pantheon5856 4 months ago

    Видно проект немного сыроват. Жду когда выйдет на мобилки.

  22. I think staff lifts/elevators between floors would be an awesome addition!

  23. @Koooles 4 months ago

    While I don't hate the 3d aesthetics as much as other people, and building up ads more functionality, I actually have different issue with it.

    It just seems so much harder to track everything, it is visually busy.

    The 2d top down view might have came out of "programmer art" thing, but it was perfect for the game. It was so easy to oversee everything, keep track of things and plan ahead. The top down view at 8min mark seems to be okay though.

  24. @yannbastiaans 4 months ago

    Paradox? No, thank you. Their track record in the last years proves they release buggy, unfinished, messed-up products and try to cash in by releasing DLC before even debugging their games, while relying on users to mod their games to make them work as intended. Victoria 3, Imperator Rome, Cities Skylines 2. All have bad user reviews and didn’t deliver on release what they promised. What would make me believe this product will be any better despite the illusion Paradox is trying to sell us? Looks like Paradox is to games as what Boeing has become to airplanes: a cash grab with no quality control.

  25. @jpacebuilds 4 months ago

    the random knife near the water fountain 6:07

  26. @conq1273 4 months ago

    Oh dang! Charlie!

  27. @TheMateuszek19 4 months ago

    all cool but whyyy every game nowadays has to be in cartoon graphic ? why ??? make it more realistic for damn seak

  28. @JamesPat 4 months ago

    How is it a "spiritual successor" when it's a direct sequel? The very definition of that term requires it to not be in the same franchise.

  29. @JohnnyFiction 4 months ago

    Can't wait for Sips' SUMMER SLAM 2

  30. @PowerHachiko 4 months ago

    Will you bring the translation into Brazilian Portuguese?

  31. @matthewwhite5158 4 months ago

    So this looks more or less the same except in 3d

  32. @princessdenise8659 4 months ago

    This makes me sad

  33. @ApexWolf 4 months ago

    WE NEED A FIRST PERSON WARDEN MODE!!! Being able to do random stuff. Like cleaning (janitor) cooking maybe? Laundry? Just some fun "side quest" stuff. But being able to be in your prison in first person would be so cool!

    Obviously just as a fun thing to have, shouldnt become the focus of the game.

  34. @rosmala4257 4 months ago

    Riot underway

  35. @brunopetersen8142 4 months ago

    This looks like the good way of making a sequel, can't wait to try it out for myself

  36. @mr.crowgamer6250 4 months ago

    Y’all never trust paradox but you buy there games and dlc anyways 😂 let’s hope we don’t have to buy gang dlc again

  37. @R4ZORLIGHT 4 months ago

    I hope this game won't be another Cities Skylines 2…

  38. @ZMasketer 4 months ago

    Don't let these hype vids fool you.
    We're talking Paradox Interactive, the same publishers responsible for Cities Skylines 2.
    Like CS2, they are gearing up to build the hype all over this game with free game copies given to influent content creators. These copies more often than not, betray Paradox' official releases.
    Do NOT PREORDER, do not be blindly robbed and compliant based on what they want you to see. Be critical and buy only when there is substancial proof of a finished release build is closed.
    The gaming community thanks you for this.

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