Ever wonder what’s hiding in your bottled water? Marketplace asked a lab to test the five top-selling brands of bottled water…


A recent investigation by Marketplace has found that many popular brands of bottled water contain a variety of contaminants, including microplastics, bacteria, and other impurities. These findings raise concerns about the safety and quality of bottled water.


Consumers should be aware of the potential impurities present in bottled water and consider alternatives, such as filtered tap water, to ensure their drinking water is clean and safe. Regulatory bodies should also enforce stricter standards for the production and testing of bottled water to protect public health.


1. Is it safe to drink bottled water?
– While some bottled water brands meet safety standards, recent tests have shown that many contain contaminants. Consider alternatives and research brands that prioritize quality.
2. What can I do to ensure the safety of my drinking water?
– You can use a water filtration system or have your tap water tested to ensure it is safe for consumption.


  1. @lorilongstaff9901 5 months ago

    I never ever purchase bottled water. Get a Berky! and drink from a real glass!

  2. @christineplaton3048 5 months ago

    Are ANY brands SAFE?

  3. @isacare360 5 months ago

    Can't believe they compare Dasani and Aquafina (= tab water) with the real sources water in bottle !! OF COURSE YOU WILL FIND ALL THE TAB CRAP IN Dasani and Aquafina!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When will the same "study" will be done for tab water and talked about in the media 🤔? I guess it will NEVER happen 😅😂 I prefer plastic over tab water chlore, fluor, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other mix of drugs residues !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ericb7937 5 months ago

    Please revisit this with the recently released studies.

    Go through each water filter and tell us which one filters the most microplastics that they all advertise they do

  5. @anamegoeshere 5 months ago

    LOL i guess it is only about "bottled" water…….. soo in America we get our milk put into "plastic milk jugs"

  6. @kathywhite4547 5 months ago

    I use a Brita filter bottle and pitcher. I don’t buy bottled water.

  7. @yrtracingteam106 5 months ago

    Did i miss it or isn’t tapwater tested here? 🙄

  8. @user-hc8li3qn3d 5 months ago

    They found many different types of medicines 💊 in water because some people throw away medicines into the toilet or sink now days!!!

  9. I always drink tap water, I collect the plastic bottles and get 10c deposit on them, enough to pay my household bills & lunch every day 😊

  10. @ninjaman1714 5 months ago

    So mention of the toxic chemicals for in tap and bottled water? Just focus on the plastics and nothing else? This is why people turn away from mainstream media, it’s nothing but pure lies and half truths, always with an agenda to push.

  11. wouldn’t we just crap those plastics out though?

  12. @paulbeatty4859 5 months ago


  13. @Bemaseated 5 months ago

    It would have been nice to hear about the dangers of fluoride

  14. @aryaka_run 5 months ago

    I am watching this first time, after 5 years.

  15. @goaster187 5 months ago

    They are right. In some cases, water from your sink is better than bottles water. Even Fiji. I was curious about this last year. When i noticed the city water tasted like chlorine. And the person who lived there said, i tasted chlorine when i first moved here too. But i don't taste it anymore. Guess im used to it, he said. So i ordered a TDS meter. Measures the number of solid particles per one million water mixture particles. Fiji water tests at 120ppm. My home tap water in the country side tested 88ppm. Better than Fiji water.

  16. @denndenn9884 5 months ago

    Chelsea Rothman is hottt

  17. @FaszomTelivanGecivel 5 months ago

    why would anyone drink bottled water filled with pesticides, solvents and microplastics, when you can just distil your own water?

  18. @talanlee223 5 months ago

    Health Canada states not to drink tap water and as for bottled water 💦 its all toxic . Acidic and oxidizing to the human body ‼️

  19. @edlinke2368 5 months ago

    i was in a value village store where i live in the front they had bench made out of recyced plasticsso these can and are being used but not fast enough theere are lots of things that can be made from old bottols

  20. @helenagalvao8943 5 months ago

    But Perrier is sold in GLASS bottles not plastic

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