Make your event unique. Combines resistance and style, safety and elegance. Don’t leave anyone indifferent. have you seen…

Escenario Transparente is a company that specializes in providing transparent stage platforms for various events and performances. The transparent nature of the stages creates a unique and captivating visual experience for the audience.

The stage platforms are made of high-quality materials that are durable and safe for performers and equipment. They are also customizable in size and shape to suit different event requirements.

Furthermore, Escenario Transparente offers professional installation services to ensure that the stages are set up securely and effectively for the event.


Overall, Escenario Transparente provides innovative and visually stunning stage platforms for events and performances. Their commitment to high-quality materials and professional installation makes them a reliable choice for creating memorable experiences.


Q: Are the transparent stage platforms safe for performers?

A: Yes, the platforms are made of durable and safe materials to ensure the safety of performers and equipment.

Q: Can the stage platforms be customized in size and shape?

A: Yes, Escenario Transparente offers customizable options to suit different event requirements.

Q: Do you provide installation services?

A: Yes, the company offers professional installation services to ensure secure and effective setup of the stage platforms.



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