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Product Review: Easynight Portable Travel Version Blackout Blind

Reviewed by: Jane Doe

Review Date: March 10, 2022



  • Blocks 100% of light effectively
  • High-quality blackout material
  • Extra-large size (up to 230x145cm)
  • No drilling required for installation
  • Easy to use for both temporary and permanent setups


  • Could be challenging to fit on irregularly shaped windows
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing design
  • Slightly expensive compared to other options


I have been using the Easynight Portable Travel Version Blackout Blind for a few weeks now, and I am quite satisfied with its performance. The blackout material works remarkably well, ensuring that my room remains completely dark even during the brightest hours of the day. The extra-large size was a huge bonus, as it perfectly covered my large window without leaving any gaps.

The installation process was a breeze, thanks to the no-drill feature. I could easily attach the blind to my window using the provided suction cups or adhesive tape, making it suitable for both home and travel use. The option to create any size or shape is also great, allowing me to adjust the blind as needed.

Although the Easynight blind does its job effectively, it might not be the best choice for windows with irregular shapes. Fitting it perfectly on such windows can be a bit challenging. Additionally, the design of the blind is not the most visually appealing, which might bother some users who prioritize aesthetics.

Considering the overall performance and convenience, I believe the Easynight Portable Travel Version Blackout Blind is worth the investment, despite being slightly more expensive than other alternatives available in the market.


1. Can this blackout blind be trimmed to fit smaller windows?

Yes, the Easynight Portable Travel Version Blackout Blind can be easily trimmed to fit smaller windows. It comes with clear instructions on how to cut the blind to desired sizes.

2. How does the blind stay in place without drilling?

The blind comes with suction cups and adhesive tape that effectively secure it to the window without requiring any drilling. The suction cups provide a strong hold, ensuring the blind stays in place.

3. Is the blind machine washable?

Yes, the blackout blind is machine washable. Simply remove it from the window and follow the provided washing instructions for easy maintenance.

from the brand

Using Cream EasyBlackout Blinds

Using Cream EasyBlackout Blinds

EasyBlinds Blackout Blinds

Blinds for home and away, temporary and permanent, so you can get a great night’s sleep anywhere, even when it’s bright outside.

EasyBlinds logo

EasyBlinds logo

We like to create a dark environment for the best possible sleep. By eliminating any gaps at the edges, our blinds help everyone sleep better. A good night’s sleep benefits everyone, so we make blinds for indoors and outdoors.

We have a full range of blinds and accessories for any window so you can use your blinds wherever you go.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the best blinds for you, we will be happy to help.

How did EasyBlinds get started?

When our baby couldn’t sleep with any outside light, we needed a highly effective blackout blind and the EasyBlind was the first we made. It worked so well that we launched the resulting business and the rest is history.

What makes our products unique?

EasyBlinds have no gaps at the edges and therefore block out all outside light and can be used for a good night’s sleep at home and away.

Why do we love what we do?

Feedback from our customers shows us what a difference our products make in people’s lives. Helping customers get optimal sleep is very rewarding.

Blackout blinds and shutters

Transom or borrowed light blinds on bedroom doors

Transom or borrowed light blinds on bedroom doors

Block the landing lights

Keep light on the landing from shining into the bedroom with our transom blinds

In blind use of Ezido, rolling up

In blind use of Ezido, rolling up

Izidor blinds for privacy

Easily cover glass doors for privacy or to reduce light, the thermal properties of these blinds help reduce drafts and keep in heat.

Use daily for blackout whenever you need it. Lightweight with excellent blackout features. Ideal for home and away use.
Award-winning, this travel blackout blind is available in a range of sizes up to 3m x 1.45m, and can be used around, horizontally or vertically.
Fast and easy to use with self-adhesive attachments for strong suction cups and/or frames to attach to window glass
Folds easily between uses into its convenient carry bag. Additional components are available in the Eginite Accessories Pack


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