Double built in blinds are now available for sliding doors or fixed glass panels up to 2m! Metallic gold, metallic blinds are available…

Double Built-in Blinds Glass Panels Fortuna Soundproof Windows Y2020

The Double Built-in Blinds Glass Panels Fortuna Soundproof Windows Y2020 are an advanced window system designed to provide superior soundproofing and privacy. These windows include built-in blinds, allowing for easy light control without the need for additional curtains or blinds.

The glass panels used in these windows are double glazed, providing excellent insulation against external noise. This makes them perfect for homes, offices, or any environment where noise reduction is desired. The soundproofing qualities of these windows ensure a peaceful and quiet interior space.

In addition to soundproofing, these windows also offer a high level of privacy. The built-in blinds can be adjusted to allow natural light in while maintaining privacy from the outside. This eliminates the need for traditional curtains or blinds, providing a sleek and modern look to any space.


The Double Built-in Blinds Glass Panels Fortuna Soundproof Windows Y2020 are a reliable and effective solution for soundproofing and privacy needs. With their double glazing and built-in blinds, they provide excellent insulation against noise while making light control and privacy effortless. Upgrade your space with these cutting-edge windows for a peaceful and stylish environment.


1. Can these windows be installed in any type of building?

Yes, these windows can be installed in residential, commercial, and other types of buildings. They are versatile and suitable for various environments.

2. Are the built-in blinds available in different colors?

Yes, the built-in blinds are available in different colors to match your interior design preferences.

3. Do these windows require any special maintenance?

No, these windows are designed for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of the blinds’ mechanism are recommended for optimal performance.



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