Chatterwhite from Destiny 1 is called Bitterpearl in Destiny 2. You must collect 12 items to get it…

This content provides information on how to obtain the Bitterpearl shader in Destiny 2, as well as the locations of the secret Vault of Glass chests.

To get the Bitterpearl shader, players need to complete specific challenges in the game. These challenges include completing the weekly Ascendant Challenge and redeeming an Awoken Talisman with the Queen’s Emissary.

As for the secret Vault of Glass chest locations, players can find them in various hidden spots throughout the raid. These chests contain valuable loot and can be accessed by following specific paths and solving puzzles.


Obtaining the Bitterpearl shader and finding the secret Vault of Glass chests can provide players with rare rewards and enhance their Destiny 2 experience. By completing the necessary challenges and exploring the raid thoroughly, players can unlock exclusive items and gear.


1. Are the Bitterpearl shader and secret Vault of Glass chest locations available to all players?

Yes, these content features are accessible to all Destiny 2 players, and can be obtained by completing specific in-game tasks.

2. Can the Bitterpearl shader and secret Vault of Glass chests be obtained solo?

While some challenges may require teamwork and coordination, most players can acquire the shader and find the chests on their own with careful exploration and effort.

3. What kind of loot can be found in the secret Vault of Glass chests?

The chests contain various rewards such as weapons, armor, and other valuable items that can help enhance a player’s arsenal and abilities.


  1. Can you do this solo?

  2. @pasghetto975 5 months ago

    i can say with confidence this is the worst guide you have ever made

  3. @charliewills8546 5 months ago

    Some of these are numbered wrong in the video just a heads up to those still looking for it

  4. @alexanderheinrich3383 5 months ago

    Wanna not skip the pathwaysssssssssssss

  5. @burns0100 5 months ago

    I just did this 100% solo. Only caveat was I had to get a Gorgon checkpoint. From there I was able to backtrack up to Templar through the secret path and up to the entrance door. Then I went back down, did Gorgons and got those shards and then into the jumping puzzle area. Lastly I got the first two outside the entrance.

    Love being a Warlock and literally being able to fly. Surprised how much of the VOG raid can be accessed. I know that if you get a Gatekeeper checkpoint it blocks Gorgons off so you need to start before that encounter and unless you can solo Templar, Gorgons is the only checkpoint you can solo this off.

  6. @flopchop8464 5 months ago

    i got it

  7. @zakary5309 5 months ago

    Do u have to collect them all in the same raid

  8. @4EverKELZ 5 months ago

    does everyone on the fireteam need to collect the shards to get the shader?

  9. @manic3275 5 months ago

    7:37 what gauntlets are those

  10. @chipsawdust5816 5 months ago

    I got all the bits so was wondering how to collect it. Video doesn't say. I guess I just go look for it in my shaders. shrug

  11. @daltonbyday6047 5 months ago

    Seeing all your loot from chests made me sad. I literally got 3 gauntlets, a pair of boots, and one fatebringer my only run lol

  12. @Arrow-vu7xc 5 months ago

    Never got day one one I did complete atheon week one.

  13. @zuls552 5 months ago

    Do u need to do the raid for this?

  14. @atomrules1012 5 months ago

    The 11th shard isn’t spawning for me

  15. @tuttuti123 5 months ago

    man shard 11 and 10 is swapped

  16. @oniisan113 5 months ago

    Swap 8 with 9 and 10 with 11, that’s the order on the triumph

  17. @mwfcod0932 5 months ago

    4:55 if you get caught and die the door will be open. Just die and is way faster 😉

  18. @niergestalt6343 5 months ago

    5th crystal location was awful, had to find another video to see where it is, thanks.

  19. @Digitacommet 5 months ago

    Little hard to figure were some are following this videos guide

  20. @joegonzales1932 5 months ago

    I have no idea where the dark part is at with the portal. 😣 I can’t find it and no other YouTuber showed where that shortcut is at.

  21. @plaguedocter8984 5 months ago

    I like the new YouTube feature for guides

  22. @jasongreen8559 5 months ago

    This shader is udder shite! Seven sisters is 10x better!!

  23. @arbiter- 5 months ago

    Still pissed there are Vault of Glass themed shaders being sold in eververse for silver ONLY. That's so fucked.

  24. @justsomeguy2142 5 months ago

    If you shoot a cube and get caught, do you have to do the cubes over or can you just tackle the other ones?

  25. @beide4258 5 months ago

    i cannot equip this shader? i claimed it but its nowhere to be seen?

  26. @alexanderbeale7192 5 months ago

    Hey does anyone know any good guide to get back into destiny 2 (I played on n off a bit since launch but never really done much endgame in D2 as opposed to my D1 days) a guide that’s made for brand new players would be great. I don’t really know who the top destiny Youtubers r anymore (other than byf n datto) so any guides to get to endgame fast / Vog would really be appreciated. 

    (Very surprised datto didn’t do a guide for returning players before vog dropped lol)

  27. @Momo-tm1xp 5 months ago

    Why didn’t you show how the shader looked on warlock 😂
    I wanted to see it

  28. @stephbenson7340 5 months ago

    For the record, as far as I can tell getting wiped by Gorgons doesn't reset the secret chest door. Once you pop the cubes, the door is open for good in that instance.

  29. @draven_sword7092 5 months ago

    Damn, I remember loading into the Tower on day 1 of VoG in D1 with chatterwhite on and just getting mobbed by people inspecting my kit. Ahhhhh the good old college days…

  30. @im_wasteland7310 5 months ago

    step 1: own honors of the nine 😎

  31. @Colt_Lz 5 months ago

    all of this for the colour white..

  32. @mikemccoy7932 5 months ago

    Anyone know where Datto got the 2813 clears number? Was that for the emblem or just contest clears?

  33. @karebear3622 5 months ago

    im more hoping that WoTM comes back

  34. @johnathanlopez525 5 months ago

    I wish the clips were longer so i can figure out where i am

  35. @corujariousa 5 months ago

    Bungie really wants players to work for this shadder. Not many teams will have the patience to go through all these steps on top of clearing the raid.

  36. @digital_nex2247 5 months ago

    pretty disappointed with the shader its like gambit chrome it has that really bad looking light blue

  37. @kevindouglas8879 5 months ago

    Some of these locations just tell me Bungie realized they shouldve added way more secrets the first time they launched vog because most of these locations are places we thought would be a secret chest the first time lol. Either that or there is still secret chests we never found in D1 lol

  38. @newbrandomness 5 months ago

    @Datto your 8 and 9 locations are reversed for the actual order they show up in the triumph

  39. @rebeljake16c 5 months ago

    The first chest I miss so many times I always have to go back to get it

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