Luis Bracamontes, accused of killing a California deputy and detective in 2014, laughed in court Tuesday during his trial for the murder of …

A cop-killing suspect had a chilling courtroom outburst, stating “I’m going to kill that cop.” The outburst occurred during a court appearance following the suspect’s arrest for the killing of a police officer.

The suspect’s demeanor and statement added to the already tense atmosphere surrounding the case, as the officer’s colleagues and family members were present in the courtroom.


The suspect’s courtroom outburst added further distress to an already emotional situation and highlights the gravity of the charges against him.


1. Can the suspect’s outburst be used against him in court?

It is possible that the suspect’s outburst could be used as evidence in court, potentially impacting the outcome of the case.

2. What are the implications of the suspect’s statement for the officer’s colleagues and family?

The suspect’s statement adds to the emotional strain on the officer’s colleagues and family members, and may impact the perception of the suspect among the community.


  1. @joeyblogsy 5 months ago

    ‘Was he insane’… buddy he literally just said he’d do it again sober on court. Corrupt lawyers smh

  2. @SchizoPomni 5 months ago

    So glad to have illegal immigrants in my country! 10,000 crossing the open border EVERY DAY!!!

  3. @tyman6708 5 months ago

    He’s just entertained by the whole charade of due process because it is a big joke.

  4. @__rm307 5 months ago

    Do you bring up race + citizenship status when talking about white murderers?? That was ridiculous!

  5. @brandonmarks3438 5 months ago

    It's not a developed justice system, you POS. He's sitting there saying he'll do it again. Case closed

  6. @robertrobinson-9161 5 months ago

    He needs a taco 🌮🌮🌮

  7. @robertrobinson-9161 5 months ago

    He needs o.j
    simpsons lawyer $

  8. @user-vr1vj4xo1v 5 months ago

    My guy

  9. @jasonkav 5 months ago

    Wonder if he’s here legally, there goes one of your future voters

  10. @GunzNGearz 5 months ago

    Yeah prison must be a sweet place to go. Maybe we need to change that?

  11. @theclaytonshow838 5 months ago

    He could be a part of a huge gang mafia. Hopefully that judge is careful.

  12. @robinwilliams7080 5 months ago

    This is why we WANT THE BORDER CLOSED!!

  13. @jasonvazquez2563 5 months ago

    Im sure theres a woman out there saying "i can fix him"

  14. He's trying the psycho pension act.

  15. @jksynth 5 months ago

    Make it sandi egan has a son named TIM WHO IS A RAPEST TIM MORRIS IS NOT TIM EGAN.

  16. @AndreRosario-zm8pf 5 months ago

    🌎🙏🙏🙏 Don't laugh.

  17. @zmman9243 5 months ago

    The argument is “we wanna punish only minds that understand they’re guilty”, because he was on a massive high when he gunned down police officers. Okay that makes sense, but unless someone provided him drugs before his court appearance I’d say he understands perfectly based on his own words.

  18. @user-wl6wv4dp7n 5 months ago

    Is this Justice for trayvon Martin, and Rodney King and Dialo, and George Floyd and all f*** it I can't remember all the other names?

  19. @illsoglass 5 months ago

    "Developed" criminal system means "crooked"

  20. @DaneiDaneiDanei 5 months ago


  21. @Dr.JRemington 5 months ago

    I think that lawyer has a guilty mind… and he understands it too.

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