Constantine by design Ultra Sleek Skuko Hurricane Glass Curtain Wall | FWS 60 CV |FWS 35 CV…

ConstantineByDesign Hurricane Glass Curtain Walls

Ultra Sleek Schuco Hurricane Glass Curtain Walls

ConstantineByDesign offers the FWS 60 CV and FWS 35 CV hurricane glass curtain walls, designed with Schuco technology for superior performance and sleek aesthetics. These systems are built to withstand high winds and impact from debris, providing both safety and style.


ConstantineByDesign’s FWS 60 CV and FWS 35 CV hurricane glass curtain walls are the perfect combination of functionality and elegance. With Schuco technology, they provide exceptional protection from severe weather while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.


Q: Are these curtain walls suitable for commercial buildings?

A: Yes, the FWS 60 CV and FWS 35 CV systems are designed for use in both commercial and residential buildings.

Q: Can these curtain walls withstand category 5 hurricanes?

A: Yes, these systems are tested and certified to meet hurricane resistance standards, including category 5 hurricanes.



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