In this video, I’ll show you some bathroom decor ideas as I walk you through styling my bathroom for fall. Hope you…

Are you looking for bathroom decor ideas to style your bathroom for fall? Here are some unique and stylish tips to spruce up your bathroom for the autumn season.

Tip 1: Add Warm Tones

Bring in warm tones such as deep oranges, rich browns, and golden yellows through towels, rugs, and shower curtains.

Tip 2: Incorporate Natural Elements

Use dried flowers, pinecones, and wooden accents to bring in the cozy feeling of fall.

Tip 3: Change Your Lighting

Switch out your bright, white lightbulbs for warmer, softer ones to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Tip 4: Add Textures

Incorporate plush towels, fluffy bath mats, and soft fabrics to add warmth and comfort to your bathroom.


With these simple yet effective bathroom decor ideas, you can easily transform your bathroom into a cozy and inviting space for the fall season.


Q: Can I use scented candles for fall bathroom decor?

A: Yes, scented candles with warm, autumn-inspired scents can add to the ambiance of your fall-themed bathroom.

Q: How can I incorporate fall decor without cluttering my bathroom?

A: Stick to a few key elements like warm-toned towels, a seasonal shower curtain, and a few natural accents to keep your bathroom looking stylish and uncluttered.


  1. @usherray69 5 months ago

    on a budget?? what? $60 for a bread board , the rise is a cool idea and the talk and skinny fat and full was good too… but the breadboard … i just cant 😢 lol

  2. @gloriasharkey1118 5 months ago

    less use of your hands and we are not all GUYS!!

  3. @tooshieg2059 5 months ago

    I like the overall style and the rustic feel but think there is just too much stuff in such a small bathroom. i.e., 3 vases of dead flowers? Because there's never enough storage space, most of us need to make our everyday ugly stuff look pretty while sitting on the shelf.

  4. @lisavatala9419 5 months ago

    Hi Jenna, can you tell me the paint color on your walls? Thank you. Everything looks beautiful

  5. @shelleyplemons1362 5 months ago

    Beautiful! I have a suggestion. I personally don’t like towels or toilet paper as a Decor. I would put both of those under the sink and add a vintage picture between the shelf in the back of the toilet and don’t put anything on the back of the toilet. Put the basket or in the towels are or put the basket in the sink with the toilet paper and add another cute item. This is simply my opinion. I think you did an excellent job and I got some new ideas.

  6. @francescafaberge2705 5 months ago


  7. @XjtBA 5 months ago

    What is a dough bowl?

  8. @rconach 5 months ago

    Beautiful things, although IMO most of these ‘things’ make the small bathroom look cluttered. The basket on top of the toilet tank is too large for the surface. Possibly placing the TP horizontally in the previous basket would have been a better solution rather than buying something else. Glass jar on the tub tray?! Even in a child free home, glass anywhere near the shower/tub can be a potential hazard should it get broken.

  9. @kalesmonroe2556 5 months ago

    Where did you get the shelves?

  10. @MissAnilu21 5 months ago

    Love it!! Especially the idea on the mouthwash!!!

  11. gorgeous but not for cat owners……

  12. @hopeglennon3260 5 months ago

    Where are your shelves from?

  13. @johnrossi2506 5 months ago

    How about green mouth wash

  14. @vintagelvr4381 5 months ago

    Thanks so much for showing budget friendly, simple, classic and colorful. Oh and cozy! :o)

  15. @natashaperez1182 5 months ago

    Where are the shelves from?

  16. @bernadettemert206 5 months ago

    Brilliant ideas. Thank you. ❣️

  17. @heidibastawros8722 5 months ago

    Love the dangling plant

  18. @glorysel1 5 months ago

    i feel like its too busy decor

  19. @annegonzalez4011 5 months ago

    Jenna can u just pls.come to my house and save it!! Lol beautiful tips. Thanks for keeping it easy

  20. @Gs-ft9kc 5 months ago

    I love it

  21. @tslilbearshoppe9870 5 months ago

    amber one looked like urine lololol Clear one looks like vodka so it gets a pass lolo

  22. @janet8832 5 months ago

    I typically use the toms clear mouthwash as well, but the Amber actually looked nice too!

  23. @kd1675 5 months ago

    So many videos on styling guest bathrooms but almost none on styling your main bathroom for everyday use.

  24. @Lo-jh3so 5 months ago

    Where is your shower curtain from?

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