This IKEA hack is absolutely insane! Watch as someone transforms a simple IKEA piece of furniture into an incredible and functional new creation.

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Get inspired to create your own unique and personalized furniture pieces with this incredible IKEA hack!


Q: Can I do this IKEA hack myself?
A: Absolutely! With some creativity and DIY skills, you can definitely try this IKEA hack at home.

Q: Where can I find more IKEA hacks like this?
A: You can search online for IKEA hack inspiration or visit IKEA hack communities for more ideas and tips.


  1. @wandanunez3257 5 months ago

    That project turned out perfect!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. @d.rodriguez777 5 months ago

    That's cute! ❀

  3. @user-th9zw4jp4x 5 months ago


  4. @Kasiarzynka 5 months ago

    This is awesome! It's like getting a completely new, custom wardrobe(? I forgot what these low ones are called in English) but without throwing the old unit away.

  5. @SexyLuna1 5 months ago

    I think it would pop even more in black and if you stained those little pieces of wood it was going to contrast the color of the house.

  6. @blacklavoux 5 months ago

    What good about ikea is the shape is basic and allow their costumers to do whatever they want with their product.
    I always love ikea’s simplicity.

  7. @travelxbritt 5 months ago

    So stunning !!! ❀

  8. @billbennington4444 5 months ago

    looks like cheap trash

  9. @lisakaydavenport7368 5 months ago

    This is like Joanna Gains stripping a house down to the foundation and calling it a remodel. It’s not a hack, it’s a diy full out project.

  10. @ElDaumo 5 months ago

    line up the doors properly next time. its the details that matter

  11. @KenziahRubens 5 months ago

    Love it!

  12. @saleemahferguson621 5 months ago

    Beautiful ❀❀

  13. @rjsciarrillo9908 5 months ago

    I love it to, I just feel the small pieces of wood on the front should be another color. Make it really POP.

  14. @kyllancarrington 5 months ago

    Beyond stunning! ❀
    I hope you are studying Interior Design.
    Your eye is sublime perfection.

  15. @MrSolidBlakeGaming 5 months ago

    No one challenged you

  16. @ethelgamache 5 months ago

    Hi! What is the name of the yellow plastic tool used to measure and steady the wood as it's being cut? Thanks!

  17. @melancholiamiuna4629 5 months ago

    how is that fucking hack when 99% people wont consider doing it
    please consider deleting this dumb video&ur channel maybe.
    btw it looks cheap and ugly too. the original one with some detail decoration would fit this zone so much better.

  18. @michaela5862 5 months ago

    Soooo awesome, I love it😍what color did you use?

  19. @lisastenzel5713 5 months ago

    This takes not hours, but days. So this is no hack. I don't get why this is on my yt… And if you wanna reuse an old piece of furniture, great idea for a upper fixer. But why would someone do this to new kallax?
    Sure enough it seems you did a good job. πŸ‘
    Nice to see that you trust yourself to do stuff. I still don't get what this is about and why yt is showing me this… I rewatched it 10 times or so. Can't get the point.

  20. @iRushil 5 months ago

    Step 1: be a carpenter.

  21. @user-nj2df3rz4x 5 months ago


  22. @zerokiryuu3387 5 months ago

    It's gorgeous…but as someone who crams a lot of books and a family who used to buy and use ikea shelves…

    With that synthetic wood I can tell you that wheel base will come off as soon as the weight is added 😒

  23. @kellyb8237 5 months ago

    it's going to be out if style soon. KISS. Kiss. Keep it simple sweety

  24. @madmax7201 5 months ago

    Where do you all people find motivation in life to do all this?…

  25. @AllenLily38 5 months ago

    Love it ! But that’s no hack that’s a project !! Lol

  26. @SueIslk 5 months ago


  27. @tyatya938 5 months ago

    What do we think??? You started a furniture biz! Amazing!

  28. @AutisticFloppa 5 months ago

    now this is the woman every man dreams of

  29. @ejcastro9518 5 months ago

    Cool. Like the pattern. Question: why not whitewash before cutting then touch up where needed. A lot less work, i believe, maybe

  30. @sylwiataskar8551 5 months ago

    Impressive. Thanks for sharing. ❀

  31. @Janna773 5 months ago

    Gorgeous 🀍🌿

  32. @ivanttulern.1416 5 months ago

    For a second there i thought you were actually going to flip it. Like literally.

  33. @tina-ci7gg 5 months ago

    This is not a hack…! The end result is beautiful, but not a hack πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  34. @melaniegrace7707 5 months ago

    Incredible job!!

  35. @malakismani 5 months ago

    Such a great flip!!!! So creative and not what I expected ❀

  36. @terriross9271 5 months ago


  37. @manalafifi7794 5 months ago


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